*August 18, 2006

A gathering of 60’s & 70’s garage bands, their fans then and now. Goodstock-2007 began as a fortieth anniversary concert for the Mind Garage, RCA recording artists in the 60’s.

Experience a special journey back to a magic time for whole families and all age groups, filled with music, rock culture and goodtimes all the time, not just another concert. A real 60s-70s feeling of peace and brotherhood, starring those attending as much as those performing. A major lifetime experience for all those who never thought it could be in these troubled times.

The event will begin with the opening of GoodStock Village, as a festival of the sixties, and will encompass multiple stages with bands performing continually, vendors of 60‘s memorabilia, exhibits of 60's and 70s clothing and band attire, and a 60's museum style exhibit. Camp in the Village or stay in nearby hotels. The Village will accommodate bands and fans from nearly every state in the USA, and from any other country, that have declared an interest in a casual celebration. Meet their contemporaries and recapture the spirit of the times past. A final performance will take place featuring the greatest bands you never heard of plus nationally and internationally known headliners.

Even before being officially announced, Goodstock-2007 has already captured national and international grass roots support and media attention, with requests for on-air interviews by radio stations from Seattle to San Francisco, Miami to New York. The event will have national TV coverage with a number of pre-event talk show interviews. A number of heavyweights from the entertainment industry have volunteered to work wherever their talents are appropriate. Film makers will document the event. A book about bands and plans leading up to Goodstock 2007 is already being written.

Negotiations for Goodstock Village and the final performance site are underway. It is expected that the media exposure, PR, marketing, and grass roots efforts will be launched in late summer or fall of 2006. The event will be held in the Summer of 2007.


*August 23, 2005
On August 21, Robert Moog, an electronics genius and one of the fathers of modern synthesizers, died at 71. By the mid sixties, in the USA, he built the first tension-controlled synthesizer, and the first synthesizers to be manufactured at a large scale, the tools that made it possible for the birth of Space Music and other genres. At once he awoke the interest of the scientific community with this. As well as that of the musical community. It was a musical revolution. We'll miss him.

Interview with Robert Moog (1998)

March 22, 2005
On March 30 (22 h.) Dom F. Scab (synthesizers) and Odracir Lavid (synthguitar and electronic percussion) will give a live performance at the Centre Cultural i Ocupacional, in the city of Cambrils, Spain.

February 21, 2005
Latest releases from Neuronium Records:
"Sensorial" by Michel Huygen
"This is my life" by Nadia
Sampler "Casa Alexio Ibiza dreams"
Sampler "Maspalomas Chill-out"
The new album by Neuronium, "Mystykatea", will be released in the next weeks.
More info:

On July 2, 2005, Michel Huygen will give a live performance at the Insolit 2005 festival (Barradas auditorium. City: Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain)
More info:

December 9, 2004
Over the past several months, Bjorn Lynne has been making all his CDs available through the world's biggest independent CD store, CDBaby.com. You can listen to the first 2 minutes of nearly all the songs from nearly all his albums. Just go to this address:

Bjorn Lynne's music is currently playing in the TV series "Two Wheels" and "Two Wheels Down Under" (Granada Men & Motors, UK), and "Meet the Ancestors" (BBC 1 and Euro Cable). Also, he wrote a complete soundtrack to the game "Worms Forts: Under Siege" for PS2/XBox/PC, which has now officially passed Sony submission and looks set to hit the shops in Europe on the 15th of November.

On February 18, 2005, Bruno Sanfilippo and Max Corbacho will give a live performance at the Auditorio Barradas (Rbla.Just Oliveras, 56) in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

November 19, 20047
Festival IGUANA'2004
26 November 2004
At the Casal de Cultura Robert Brillas. Street: Angel Guimera, 32. City: Esplugues del Llobregat, in Barcelona area. Country: Spain.
22:30 h.
Performances by:
- Joan Cerezo
- Sam Vitoulis & Sergio Koval
- Dom F. Scab & Odracir Lavid

November 11, 2004

On February 18, 2005, Bruno Sanfilippo and Max Corbacho will give a live performance at the Auditorio Barradas (Rbla.Just Oliveras, 56) in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

On April 2, 2005, Dom F. Scab will give a live performance at the Alpha Centauri festival, in Holland.

September 10, 2004

Dom F. Scab is finishing the music for his new CD. It will be released on Margen Records label. The album will be titled "Crosswords". Scab continues within his usual style.

June 15, 2004

On August 4, 2004 (22:00), Dom F. Scab will give a live performance at the Esglesia de Sant Agusti, La Seu d’Urgell, Spain, during The Festival Brudieu.

May 31, 2004

The composer Michael Garrison died on March 24, 2004, at the age of 47. His memory will live on in the hearts of his fans.

March 26, 2004

Bjorn Lynne's CD "Statement" is officially released. This CD features 14 tracks of Chillout, Synth-Pop, jazzy slow-groove, game style music, and more. Four of the tracks feature a guest vocalist, Eco-Mcz. The other ten tracks are instrumental. Cover artwork, mp3 audio, track lyrics, and all album information can be found here:


March 10, 2004

The new CD by Dom F. Scab, "Twelve stories", will be released by the label Margen Records. The release is scheduled for May 2004.

January 23, 2004

When you purchase a music album from ZonkMusic.com, you get a link to download the whole album in true CD-quality mp3 files. You can then listen to the music from your mp3 player, and if you wish you can also burn a normal audio-CD from the mp3 files. You also get high resolution images of the cover artwork, so you can print the cover artwork yourself if you like. ZonkMusic.com sell all styles of music, but with an extra concentration on progressive, instrumental, electronic, and other alternative styles.

June 18, 2003

"Soplo Vital" is a very special release by Michel Huygen, only available through ANOREXBU, an association for the Anorexia and Bulimia treatments. The whole benefit of sales coming from this album will be entirely given to the association, financially helping people who cannot afford the payment of such treatment. Only available through the association and at authorized points of sales worldwide.

Dom F. Scab has finished the music for his new CD. It will be released on Groove label around August. The album will be titled "About a Tree" and the music is typically "Scab" although somewhat different than his latest "Facta".

"Icaria" is the first La Crem's album for Neuronium Records. An album of romantic ambient music, sophisticated chill-out and deep feelings. The album contains also the soundtrack for the TV advertisements of BMW cars.

March 31, 2003

Since Bjorn Lynne started working on the series of "Worms" computer games in 1995, he has done a lot of comedy style music for these games. A couple of tracks from previous "Worms" games are now available in streaming mp3: "Wormsong": The first, original Worms theme from 1995. Featuring a storyteller voice and funny worms vocals on the chorus. "Worms World Party": A kind of humoristic "around the world in two minutes" musical rendition of the Worms theme. These can now be heard here: 

The upcoming trance CD "Power Liquids" by Divinorum & Aural Planet is now mastered and is currently being mass produced in the CD factory. In this webpage you can now hear clips from all tracks on the album: 

Some drawings by Peter Frohmader are online here:

February 24, 2003

This month, Neuronium Records will re-release as a worldwide exclusive the amazing and state-of-the-art album by Constance Demby "Novus Magnificat", with a totally new 32 bit mastering plus a new design for the whole CD booklet. Also a new release called "Machinery of life" by Cloud 9 will be released on this label.

Michel Huygen and Pascal Languirand are preparing the music for an album in a very special vein: imagine the taste of cosmic music moods of the 70´s ,with the 21st century instrumental possibilities... The duo name is Cybernium, and the album should be released next April on Neuronium Records.

Bjorn Lynne's "Wolves of the Gods" will be re-released very soon.

September 30, 2002

"Facta", the new album by Dom F. Scab, will be released on the label Groove Unlimited (Netherlands)

After a period of inactivity, AD Music is back and preparing new releases. The first is "Walking With Ghosts" by David Wright. You can hear hear extracts from "Walking With Ghosts" here.

August 20, 2002

On September 21, Electronic Music Festival E-LIVE 2002 will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Performances by Neuronium (Michel Huygen) (with Pascal Languirand), Ron Boots, Kees Aerts, Harold and Eric van der Heijden, Frank van Bogaert and Amir Baghiri.

New releases on Neuronium Records (September 2002) "Pianissimo III" (with previously unreleased tracks) by Suzanne Ciani. "Dreamresources" by Amir Baghiri. "Azizi" by Neuronium. "Wings of a Bird" by Santi Pico. "Lumia Nights" by Jonn Serrie. "Set Free" (with a previously unreleased track) by Constance Demby.

May 17, 2002

Electronic music pioneer Oskar Sala died at 91 in Berlin.

"Colony", the new album release by Bjorn Lynne, is now in the hands of the CD manufacturing plant. The manufacturing cycle should take around three weeks. When the CD is released, all copies sold directly from Bjorn himself (not through other distributors, only directly from him at his site), will be individually numbered and signed in Gold ink. This will only be done to copies sold during the first 14 days after Bjorn announce the CD for sale. You can see the full track listing and the cover artwork by Tobias Richter here:

April 15, 2002

On April 18, 2002 (19:00), Artur Lason (live electronics), Jacek Bak (acoustic guitar) and Guy Ferraton (harmonica) will give a live performance at The Art Novum Gallery (30 / 36 Washington Street), in Warsaw, Poland. The admission will be free.

On April 29, 2002, the band Mother Mallard Portable Masterpiece Co. will give a live performance in New York City.

On June 1, 2002 (22:00), the famous Terry Riley and Stefano Scodanibbio will give a live performance at the Espai, in Barcelona, Spain.

March 25, 2002

On July 25, 2002, Dom F. Scab will give a live performance at the Grand Concert Hall of St. Petersburg's Philharmonia, Russia (08.00 PM).

In July 2002, Michel Huygen (Neuronium) will give a live performance in Russia.

March 7, 2002

"Quasar 2C361" (1977) and "Vuelo Quimico" (1978), the two first albums by Neuronium, are available for online purchasing, with direct download of the music & artwork. Both albums have been totally digitally remastered by Michel Huygen. "Quasar 2C361" is a legendary work, where Neuronium / Michel Huygen proved their great imagination by creating a magnificient symphony of electronic music of a high degree. "Vuelo Quimico" ("Chemical Flight") is other legendary work, a magical voyage through amazing worlds. It also had the extraordinary collaboration of Nico (ex Velvet Underground)
More info here.

January 31, 2002

Obituaries: Florian Fricke (founder of Popol Vuh), Michael Karoli (founder member of Can) and Peter Bardens (keyboardist of Camel) We'll miss them.

December 31, 2001


Dear ladies & gentlemen!

I want to inform You that we are preparing the greatest Event in the history of International modern music. This is the "First Russian International Festival of Electronic, Electroacoustic, Experimental & Avant-garde Music-Electroshock". It will take place at the end of July'02 in St. Petersburg and last for 10 days.

More than 300 composers and musicians will participate in this historic Event. Manuel Gottsching, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius, Rick Wakeman, Francis Dhomont, Jorge Antunes, Edward Artemiev, "Art Zoyd", Iasos, Constance Demby, Michel Huygen, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Grienke, Dom F. Scab, "T-Bass" are among them. We also planning to invite Vangelis, Isao Tomita, Brian Eno, Kitaro and Robert Fripp.

More information about the Festival could be found in our website:

(section "Festival") 

We invite all organizations and firms for co-operation. We are opened for any proposal.

President of the Festival:
Artemiy Artemiev (E-mail: info@electroshock.ru

General Director of the Festival:
Alexander Kozyrev (E-mail: alexss_us@mac.com)

October 31, 2001

"Accelerator", the new CD by Bjorn Lynne, is near to be released. The master CD is pressed, and ready to go to the CD factory.

On November 30, Vasco Martins will be in Lisbon, Portugal, for a "Lunario Perpetuo" concert, and a workshop about "music poetry".

October 11, 2001

Creation of Neuronium Records as a record company that will not only release in the countries of the European Economic Community new albums by Michel Huygen & Neuronium, but also music by other artists.

September 21, 2001

Our condolences to all the people who have suffered loss of family or friends in the terrorist attacks of September 11.

Bjorn Lynne has decided to have a CD-sale with all profits going to American Red Cross. Starting from September 26 and lasting until October 6, all profits made from this CD-sale will go, entirely, to American Red Cross donations. The following CDs are included in the sale: "The Gods Awaken", "Wolves of the Gods", "Wizard of the Winds", "Revive", "Witchwood", "Isms" (Divinorum), "Talisman" (Divinorum). More information here: http://www.lynnemusic.com

After the terrorist attacks of 11 September, Paul Winter's 22nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration in New York city (Cathedral of St.John the Divine), celebrating the return of the light after the longest night, will be all the more poignant. Paul Winter and guest artists from around the world performing at 7.30pm on 13, 14 and 15 December and at 2pm on 15 December. You will find more information at: http://www.livingmusic.com/solstice/wintersolstice.html

The new album by Vangelis, "Mythodea", has been released.

The new Michel Huygen's solo album will be released in October-November 2001.

Pascal Languirand, an imaginative renovator of electronic music that became famous specially thanks to his theme "Living on Video" (Trans-X) has achieved other wonderful work with the new Trans-X album: "01.01.01". With a solid electronic basis, this CD is a nice journey through melodies of a great emotional intensity and rhythms that range from Techno to Pop.

XII Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote:
Sep 29, 22.00 h, Playa del Reducto - Mamadou Diabate
Sep 29, after M. Diabate, Playa del Reducto - Toure Kunda
Oct 11, 21.00 h, Cueva de los Verdes - Maya Homburger & Barry Guy
Oct 12, 21.00 h, Cueva de los Verdes - Eberhard Weber
Oct 13, 19.00 h, Volcan del Cuervo - Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm

August 23, 2001

Michel Huygen (Neuronium) has been working in an album with a different style from his latest works, and whose idea occurred to him in a quite sudden manner. This album is wholly rhythmic, in an amusing key, far from the melodramatic as well as cosmic grandeur. In it he widely utilizes ultrasynthetic sounds. It is very complex with respect to timbric changes and is inspired in the style of the night life typical of large cities. It is an energetic CD, ideal to combat apathy.

The album "Hydro" by Neuronium is enjoying a great success both on the part of the audience and on the part of specialized reviews. In Brazil, for instance, it has been one of the main hits of electronic music in general.

Anybody who orders the Bjorn Lynne's 3 CDs of fantasy style music ("Wizard of the Winds", "Wolves of the Gods" and "The Gods Awaken") also gets an extra CD for free, which is the new remastered version of his fantasy music CD "Witchwood". Secure online order form (as well as details of how to order offline) available on Bjorn Lynne's site: http://www.lynnemusic.com Read our article-interview about him here.

June 12, 2001

Neuronium is releasing a PC Multimedia CD ROM with two movies featuring the paintings of Tomás C.Gislanz in digital movements ,with Michel Huygen 's music during 40 minutes, plus 70 minutes of non stop cosmic music in MP3, all in just one CD. This release will be available only and exclusively from Neuronium More information here.

After eight and a half years of working on his album, on May 24 Iasos completed the final piece of
music for "Realms of Light", his new CD.

The new album by Trans-X is "01.01.01". More information here.

Jean Michel Jarre's acclaimed album "Concerts In China" is now available again on CD and Mini-Disc. More information here.

On July 28, the band Dweller at the Threshold will give a live performance at The Old Church, in
Portland, Oregon, USA.

May 15, 2001

MACC (electronics) and Xavier Pie (saxo) have united their artistic efforts in a series of brilliant improvisations. A really interesting meeting that of these two creators of universes of sound. Miguel Alberto Cruz, better known by his artistic names MACC and Satori, started a solo career in the musical avantgarde of the early nineties. His imaginative and unclassifiable music soon attracted a remarkable attention. The improvised music by MACC and Xavier Pie flows, evolving, never losing its intrinsic beauty, deep, hypnotic, with electronic undercurrents that lead to atmospheres full of a soft energy, at times with space brushes. More information here: macc@inicia.es

Mauro Lupone is an interesting electroacoustic composer. In his composition "Himmel-Feuer" (piano, bird calls and live electronics), he sculpts textures in varied forms, thus weaving an oniric tapestry full of mysteries. 

April 30, 2001

Unreleased music by Dom F. Scab is now available online in MP3 format at Dom F. Scab's mp3.com page.

The issue 24 of the English-written magazine SEQUENCES contains articles and interviews about: Invisible Shadows, Kinetik, Robert Carty, Foreign Spaces, News, and a lot of reviews. CD tracks: Craig Padilla: "One 96", Syndromeda in Chaos: "Huizen Express", Foreign Spaces: "Phaeton 1V- Continuation", T-Bass UK: "6equjs (WoW!)", Ashok: "Again to Ricochet", Steve Frost: "Downward Spiral", Tranquility: "State of Hysteria", Jim Ballard: "Untitled", Digital Art: "Symphonies and Answers", The Borg: "Obscene Machine".

The issue 22 of the Spanish-written magazine MARGEN contains articles and interviews about: Museo Rosenbach, Navigator, Cyber Zen Sound Engine, North Star, Pallas, Porcupine Tree, Slede Zive Slede, Deadwood Forest, Edhels, Inquire, Avalon, White Willow, Randy Greif, Crawling With Tarts, Micro-Ritmia, Orient Squeezers, Michael Robinson, Exsimio, Archie Patterson (eurock), trajedesaliva, Bruno Sanfilippo, Angel Rubio, OZ, VII Revoltallo Festival, MexProg 2000 Festival, E-Live 2000 Festival, CO-LAB Festival, Groove Records, Sonori, Boheme, and many CD reviews. This issue is accompanied of 2 CDs: "MUSIC FROM THE EDGE VOL. 3" and "GROOVE UNLIMITED SAMPLER". The first one contains these pieces: Ritmia: "Oktum", Slede Zive Slede: "Fair Warning, Orient Squeezers: "Maheswar, Kevin Leonard (North Star): "Quadrette", Zinkl: "Fizzlypuzzly Ballet", Ensemble Nimbus: "Sneaker Balls", La Neura: "Guardapolvo/La Corneta Fantasma", Oz: "What's Behind You", Deadwood Forest: "Seven Eighties", Trajedesaliva: "Mima+". The second CD contains these tracks: Ron Boots: "Twisted Tales" (excerpt) (from the CD "Different Stories and Twisted Tales"), Future World Orchestra: "Running Water" (excerpt) (from the CD "The Hidden Files"), Eric van der Heijden: "Da Capo" (excerpt) (from the CD "Da Capo"), Hemisphere: "Psychedelic Friends Create" (excerpt) (from the CD "Inversion"), Frank van Bogaert: "Deserts" (excerpt) (from the CD "Geographic"), Syndrone: "Avonlea" (excerpt) (from the CD "Being There"), Wavestar: "Crystal Ashes" (excerpt) (from the CD "Out of Time"), Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana: "Common Ground" (excerpt) (from the CD "Live Archive"), Rudy Adrian: "Coming Home" (excerpt) (from the CD "Kinetic Flow: "Sequencer Sketches vol.1"), Intelligentsia: "Off World" (excerpt) (from the CD single "The Signal to Off World"), Kees Aerts: "Travel" (excerpt) (from the CD "Slices of Time"), Michael Stearns: "Portraits" (excerpt) (from the CD "Floating Whispers"), Victor Cerullo: "Liberation" (excerpt) (from the CD "Ludus"), John Dyson: "Tempus Fugit" (excerpt) (from the CD "Silverbird"), Kees Aerts & James Clent: "Surfacing from Beyond" (excerpt) (from the CD "Truth or Dare"), Ron Boots, Ian Body, Harold van der Heijden: "Eurasia" (excerpt) (from the CD "Phase 3"), Alpha Wave Movement: "Another Time… Another Place" (excerpt) (from the CD "Drifted into deeper Lands"), The Blue Team: "Prologue" (excerpt) (from the CD "The Blue Team").

April 23, 2001

The album "Thinking of You" by Kitaro has been awarded with a Grammy prize as The Best New Age Album. If you wish to purchase this recording you only have to use this link.

Terry Oldfield is remastering his album "In The Presence of Light".

"Far Beyond The Immobile Point", is the last work by ambient composer Max Corbacho.

April 7, 2001

Tangerine Dream will give a live performance at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on May, 12th.


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February 23, 2001. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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February 23, 2001

In Spain, "Directo al corazon" ("Droit au coeur") by Michel Huygen has been nominated for the Premios de la Musica, for the category of Best Album. "Hydro" by Neuronium (Michel Huygen) has been nominated for the category of Best Innovative Music Album.

At-Mooss Records will release At-Mooss's upcoming CD, the new work by Plastha's Mountage, and several solo albums by Joseph Loibant, leader of At-Mooss. These new CDs has awakened great expectations among the fans of electronic music.

February 9, 2001

"Huronic Minor" is the title of a work of Ambient music composed by Matt Borghi. Inspired by a terrible storm in 1913, the six pieces suggest slow recorded images of the unrestrained fury of the natural elements. For more information here. The work can be purchased here securely online.

Kazue Sawai at the koto, Michel Doneda at the saxo and Tetsu Saitoh at the bass developed some improvisations of experimental music during a concert near Tokio in 1999. "Live at Hall Egg Farm" gathers the surprising music these artists created.  More information here.

"The Empty Bowl" is a collection of themes with a meditative, deep air, performed by Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin with the Shakuhachi flute, an instrument linked to Japanese religious practices since the fourteenth century that is believed to have been introduced in this country from China more than a thousand years ago.  More information here.

Musicians Elliott Sharp, John Kruth, Jonathan Segel and Atilla Engin regal us in "Moon Dog Girl" a refreshing journey to the most exotic frontiers of Jazz. In their vigorous music we find elements from Rock, World Music and New Instrumental Music, among other styles. More information here.

Greg C. Powers at the trombone and Stuart Dempster with a Didgeridoo with John Diamond integrate the nucleus of Pran. In their album "Raga for the rainy season" these artists improvise on a basis established by Mian Tansen, a musician of the sixteenth century, following ancient Hindi techniques of musical experimentation. More information here.

"Blue" is a special release in four CDs that gathers recordings by Robert Fox and David Wright, two masters of current electronic music. Dominated.by melodic symphonism, the pieces tend to be very warm, wondrous, full of emotions, and colored by a subtle romanticism, as well as somewhat melancholy. More information here.

"The Church of Gary Numan: a Dark Celebration" is a tribute that Jim Collins makes to Gary Numan and his music. In it he pays attention to the different aspects in the style of this great artist, as well as to all that lies in his musical creations. An exquisitely elaborated CD, which will no doubt appeal to the fans of Gary Numan. More information here.

The Canadian Electroacoustic Community has presented a double CD that gathers interesting electroacoustic compositions by 32 artists coming from about ten nations. "Presence II", the title of this album, represents a magnificient opportunity to reflect the task that these experimental artists of sound have been developing in the last years. More information here.

After five years of silence in releases, the peculiar band Birdsons of the Mesozoic presents their album "Petrophonics", an imaginative journey through lost islands somewhere between Rock and New Music. More information here.

Trajedesaliva is a band that creates bold, fresh music, which cannot fit any given genre. On a basis containing elements of Progressive Rock and New Instrumental Music, they experiment with musical architecture and the poetry of some enigmatic lyrics, yet at the same time succeeding in providing their compositions with a great beauty and emotion. In their new CD "Mima" they do indeed prove this. More information here.

Arto Tuncboyaciyan is a musician of Armenian origin who lived in Turkey and settled in the USA twenty years ago. Throughout his career he has travelled the paths between Jazz and World Music, and has collaborated as a performer with numerous first rate artists. among them Paul Winter. Now, in his album "Every Day is a New Life", freshly released by Earth Music Productions, he condenses all his personal experience in the form of a collection of ballads that range from his ethnic roots to Jazz, New Instrumental Music and symphonic classicism. More information here or here.

February 9, 2001. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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January 19, 2001

The CDs "Binary secrets" by Dom F. Scab, "The sound museum" by Chuck van Zyl and "Pulse n
atmo" by Vir Unis are at the pressing plant. These albums will be available within two weeks.

The issue 21 of the Spanish-written magazine MARGEN contains articles and interviews about: Cyrille Verdeaux / Clearlight, Paranoise, Ensemble Nimbus, Gong, Locanda Delle Fate, Remote Viewers, Difícil Equilibrio, Nigel Ayers, Quaterna Requiem, Tryo, Lustmord, Lee Saunders, Julius Dobos, Ozone Player, Kotebel, Indisciplined Lucy, Evan Parker, Ramón López, Christy Doran, Olaf Rupp, Baja Prog 2000, Alfa Centauri, Krautrock Rarities, Argentinian Progressive Rock,  and many CD reviews. This issue is accompanied of 2 CDs: "MUSIC FROM THE EDGE VOL. 2" and "BLACK WIDOW SAMPLER". the first one contains these pieces: Paranoise: "Wedding Chant", Laszlo Hortobagyi: "Synaphe", VidnaObmana: "Moedra ", Artemiy Artemiev "The Fan & The Fan II", Force Majeure: "Space Train", Ozone Player: "Minibar", Quarkspace: "This is not the Millenium", Bjorn Lynne: "Jooli", José Luís Prieto: "Luces y Sombras", Kozmic Muffin: "Tránsito", Akinetón Retard: "Viaje a Erlebnis", Difícil Equilibrio: "La Lógica del Vampiro", NeBeLNeST: "Improv 1". The second CD contains themes by these artists: Universal Totem Orchestra, Malombra, Pentagram, The Black, Presence, Northwinds, Gian Castello, Akron, Rise and Shine, Il segno del comando, Standarte, Alan Davey, ST 37, Architectural Metaphor, Abiogenesi. More information here. (Margen website).

Vidna Obmana's webmaster has updated the Vidna Obmana mp3.com page with the second batch
in the anthology 1992-1994 series, exclusively for the mp3-page. Five new songs are available.

Bang On the Can All-Star members Maya Beiser (cello) and Steven Schick (percussion) release
their first CD of music. All of the compositions were commissioned by and written for their duo.
This disc features new works by five composers including Jack Body (New Zealand), Nick
Didkovsky (USA), Chinary Ung (Cambodia), George Lewis (USA), and Franghis Ali-Zade
(Azerbaijan). The disc entitled, Caught by the Sky with Wire, ranges from pieces influenced by
world music to the gritty, electronic sounds of Nick Didkovsky.

January 19, 2001. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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January 19, 2001. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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December 22, 2000

The long time expected new album by ENRIQUE MATEU (a live CD) will be released in January 2001.

WWW.CYBERNIUM.COM is a new URL index to all official sites related to Neuronium / Michel Huygen and his activities. 

Sonic Network, Inc., (formerly Hruska Audio Productions), makers of the popular Sonic Implants sound libraries intends to celebrate its appearance at the NAMM 2001 trade show in January by giving away a complete Sonic Implants CD-ROM sample library.

The band ARTENARA collaborate in "Tu Frialdad". This album is a special homage of several musicians and bands to Jesús de la Rosa (founder of the band Triana), deceased in 1983. 

The official web of John Lakveet is online: http://www.johnlakveet.com

Free samples from Bjorn Lynne's fantasy & sci-fi albums: http://www.lynnemusic.com

Free samples from Bjorn Lynne's trance/electronica side-project "Divinorum": http://www.divinorum.com

The record label SONIC IMAGES is producing a compilation CD of Romanian new-age / electronic artists. 

Performances of Paul Winter's 21st Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, a musical, theatrical and environmental spectacle, are in the huge Cathedral of St. John the Divine 
at 7.30pm on Thursday 14 December
at 7.30pm on Friday 15 December 
at 2pm and at 7.30pm on and Saturday 16 December

Paul Winter was honored to be a presenter at the Native American Music Awards in Albuquerque (New Mexico) on 11 November. 

Chuck van Zyl has agreed to release the music of his double cassette "The sound museum" on Groove Unlimited. Release date is November/December 2000. The music was previously only available on cassette under the artist name XISLE with the exception of the track "Beyond the known horizon" which appeared on Chuck's CD "The relic".

Lionel Rolfe has just written a book called DEATH AND REDEMPTION IN LONDON & L.A.  The nephew of the late, great violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Rolfe's book gives a lot of personal insight into Menuhin. This book is available only as an ebook here: http://deadendstreet.com

December 20, 2000. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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October 27, 2000. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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October 24, 2000. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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October 1, 2000. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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June-September 2000

September 1, 2000. NEW RELEASES / RE-RELEASES.

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The special edition of "Margen" magazine (Magazine + 2 free CDs) is available.

Magazine contents: Robert Fripp, Peter Hammill, Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Enzo Favata, Discipline, Minimum Vital, Paul Nagle, Hardscore, Perico Sambeat, Rapoon, Carlos Zingaro, John Carpenter, Chester Biscardi, Chris Cutler/Fred Frith, Aether, Force Majeure, Agitation Free, David Vincent, Larval, Steve Jolliffe, Camerata Meiga, Ken Field, Univers Zero, Sergio Koval, Absolute Zero, Tempus Fugit, Jane Rigler... Dossiers: Rock Progresivo Chileno, ¿Nuevo Ambient?, E-Live. And several hundreds of reviews.

First volume of "MUSIC FROM THE EDGE" (unreleased and deleted tracks): 1. HARDSCORE - Touch of Steel / My name is Luiz Omega C, 2. CHARLES CARPENTER - The Old Sawdog, 3. DAVID VINCENT - Dimension X, 4. FONYA - Remember the Bombs, 5. MISTERIO FANTASTICO - T.V. (5:13), 6. ZINKL - Andromeda Space Patrol, 7. ERIK WOLLO - View (4:52), 8. JEREMY PEYTON JONES - The Fourth Door, 9.ENZO FAVATA - Contami unu Contu, 10. DWELLER AT THE THRESHOLD - Automatic Writing, 11. MAX CORBACHO - Open Horizons, 12. DOM F. SCAB - Cuatro Días, 13. ROBERT RICH - Deliguescing Procession.

RECORD HEAVEN label progressive sampler: 1. TEN JINN - As On A Darling Plain: part 1 (The Dance Of Les Innocents), 2. FIVE FIFTEEN - Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camembert, 3. ISILDURS BANE - The Flight Onward - Phases 1-5, 4. MINIMUM VITAL - Le Dernier Appel De La Guerre, 5. ENSEMBLE NIMBUS - Useless Passion, 6. ORIENT SQUEEZERS - The Magic Well, 7. IN THE LABYRINTH - Kali. 8. ETCETERA - Gongtric, 9. 4/3 DE TRIO - Queen Wilson, 10. BOOK OF HOURS - Endearment, 11. CROSS - Extrovert.

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Lately, Carlos García-Vaso, best known above all because of his belonging to the mythical duo Azul y Negro, is carrying out a wonderful job in favor of independent music. Through his label Vaso Music, he has released albums by various artists, mostly within the sphere of the alternative musics, as well as other genres. For instance, the album "Corazón Solitario" by David Saludes, is a perfect sample of sung Synth-Pop, whose great quality is especially due to the fact that the artist has really reflected his feelings in the songs. As genuine and fresh as this album is, likewise, the CD "Mil Pájaros" by Juan Mari Montes and José María Casas, a careful collection of pieces that can be labelled between the Rock ballad and a subtle mix of folklores. In both CDs can also be appreciated the good wotk done by Carlos G. Vaso on the recording and mixing, as well as on the arrangements of "Corazón Solitario". 


Pacific Moon Records is a label devoted to the Asian New Instrumental Music. Their releases are most remarkable because of the quality of the artists and their works. With a focus aimed at a wide audience, the CDs of Pacific Moon Records will appeal to those listeners who enjoy melodic music made by artists like, for instance, famous composer Kitaro. And the fact is that, apart from this well-known Japanese artist, many are the ones who today create instrumental music of a great talent, in such genres as the most melodic trends of New Age and the New Instrumental Music. Some of the artists released by this label are: Jia Peng Fang, Uttara-Kuru, Mizuyo Komiya, Jalan Jalan, and Naoyuki Onda. 


The band Plastic Soul have shown a great creative energy with their album "Channel Ninety-Two", released by the label b:group/records. In this CD, the members of Plastic Soul are revealed as important renewers of Pop. New, fresh surprises are surely to be expected from them. 

"Canciones Romanticas" is the new album by Joseph Lecuona. This CD includes eleven songs of a romantic nature, resulting from the collaboration between Joseph Lecuona and Barbara Markay. In the album Lecuona re-discovers his Latin roots and displays his fluency in the languages of American and Latin Pop, reflecting his solid family heritage in the field of modern music with Latin Pop airs. Born in Mexico and brought up in Cuba, Argentina and the United States, Lecuona belongs to a notable dinasty whose success in the terrains of Latin American music is undeniable. This release will no doubt appeal to the lovers of this genre. 


March-May 2000.


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May 3, 2000.



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March 9, 2000.



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