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Amazing Sounds, online since November 2nd., 1996, is an e-zine devoted to review Space Sequencer Music, innovative electronic music, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental Music, New Age, and other alternative genres.

The founders of Amazing Sounds and main members in the staff are Jorge Munnshe and Manuel Montes.

Jorge Munnshe is the author of such books as "New Age" or "The Symphony of The Cosmos". He is or has been collaborating with specialized printed magazines such as "Electronic Cottage" (USA), "Dreams Word" (USA), "Audion" (United Kingdom), "Revue et Corrigee" (France), "Results" (Russia), "Voice", "Syntorama","Nueva Musica", "Margen" (Spain) and others, besides writing columns on the alternative musics in magazines having a wider musical orientation. He has been a correspondent for a radio program on electronic music on the Russian State Radio Television. He has interviewed several celebrities all over the world in the field of the innovative musics, among whom mention must be made of Jean Michel Jarre, Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Kitaro, Mike Oldfield, Neuronium, and Constance Demby, to name a few.

Manuel Montes has collaborated for such magazines as "Keyboard" (Spanish edition), "Margen", "Voice", "Syntorama", "Electronic Cottage" and others. He has interviewed such famous artists as Suzanne Ciani, Iasos, Michel Huygen, Pascal Languirand (Trans-X), and others. Some of his reviews have been also translated into Japanese and have been published by a Japanese online magazine in the internet.

These people also have made Amazing Sounds magazine possible, by writing articles or cooperating in other ways: Edgar Kogler, Eduardo Fontana, Alejandro Hinojosa, Pascual Jurado, Hector Jordan, Virginia Tamayo, Derek Doarn, Valeriano Guiol, Marcella Cirignola, Sarah Tomblin, Dominique Chevant, Vicente Gispert, Montse Andreu, Ariadna Martin, Arielle Malreaux, Milena Alexandrova, Montserrat Aurell, Winona Sirtis, Simonetta Valli, Emma Dors, Sigrid Baumann, Deftly-D (a.k.a. David Dodson), Laura s. García, Marc Moch, Manuel Lemos Muradás, Roberto Vales, Jorge Sergio Iglesias, Juan Carlos García.

In Amazing Sounds, you will find all the ingredients that can be found in conventional magazines (articles, interviews, a great amount of album reviews...), plus many others specifically belonging to the Internet environment: links to artist's website, links to sound clips, links to labels websites, and links to some online shops. The readers may purchase many of the reviewed records by clicking a link at the end of our review.

There is no time limitation for the permanence of the writings in Amazing Sounds online zine. All materials will stay here for an unlimited time.

Amazing Sounds is produced by a team of journalists and reporters of a wide professional experience in all kinds of publications in this sector. The staff of Amazing Sounds is formed by people from several countries. For example, the web is hosted by a computer in the U.S.A., and several of us are based in Spain.

Amazing Sounds has currently more than 2000 articles online.

Our journalists have interviewed such artists as for example Kitaro, Suzanne Ciani, Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Constance Demby, Michel Huygen (Neuronium), Pascal Languirand (Trans-X "Living on Video"), or the synthesizers developer Robert Moog, among others.

Yet for those readers who still don't know exactly what sort of musics we are talking about, we have prepared an article in which we give our opinion in this respect.

Recording companies, artists and other professionals of the alternative musics wishing to send us their news can contact our team of journalists at: 

The persons or firms having a page in internet related in some way to the alternative musics can communicate the URL, as well as a brief description of its contents, to:    and we will set a  link from our web to theirs (The insert of a link in our web is free whenever it is corresponded with a similar link from their web to our web).


Amazing Sounds is free for the reader and is written both in English (ISSN 2013-3561) and in Spanish (ISSN 2013-3553).

Amazing Sounds  has also a newsletter with e-mail distribution, in English and in Spanish.

Several articles, interviews, reviews and news have been reissued in other zines & media. For example, in two CD-ROMs produced by multimedia companies, three Spanish printed magazines (one of these is featuring Amazing Sounds material in every issue), and several webs. Some projects are being negotiated: The distribution of all new material on teletext format in some digital and cable TV channels, the monthly publication of all new material into a CD-ROM enclosed in a printed magazine, and the creation of some web mirrors..

Currently, Amazing Sounds has about 90,000 visits (pageviews) in its pages per month in the web, and more than 15,000 different monthly readers.

A 40 % of Spanish version readers are from Spain. The remaining 60 % are from countries of Latin America. The 50 % of the English version readers are from the U.S.A. The other 50 % are from the rest of the world.


If you are interested in our advertising service, you can refer to the functioning and prices of this service here.


We have many contacts in music industry, mostly on Space Sequencer Music, innovative electronic music, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental Music, Techno, New Age and some other alternative styles. These contacts are mostly recording companies, distributors, radio programmes, magazines, webs, shops, mailorder services, concert halls, festivals and organizations. This archive of contacts has been created after many years in direct contact with these, favored by our presence in the internet. Our direct contact with the staff in recording companies, distributors, mass media and other organizations allows us to get to know firsthand their interests and their availability when it comes to supporting the artists. We can select the contacts that fit the style of any artist coming to us, in order to help them have his CD distributed in various countries, broadcast on radio programmes from different countries, and reviewed in magazines as well as other mass media from different areas in the world, besides being known by festival organizers, concert promoters and other professionals in this sector. More information here.


We are preparing an international directory of record companies, artists, festivals, radio shows, zines, webs, journalists, associations, and other organizations & people working in the field of electronic music, Ambient, New Instrumental, Experimental, World Music, New Age and so on. The inserts are free.

The persons or firms wishing to be included can send us a file of no more than 600 words with the data they consider as being of interest (contact addresses - snail mail, telephone number, fax, email, URL... - and an explanatory text on their activities in English) to: 

More information, here.

We are preparing an encyclopaedia of composers of electronic music. The artists wishing to be included can send us a biography (with a list of works and contact address if they wish to) of no more than 900 words, in English, to: 

Inserts are free.

More information, here.

No doubt, what one day began as a phenomenon only known by few people has already become a recording industry with millions of followers. We hope our efforts will be useful so that all fans can live even in a more intense way that which interests us most, and also for those who are not fans to come to understand us some day.

They surely will find more than a surprise...



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