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Dozens are in fact the new releases that each week reach the sales departments all over the world. Many will enjoy a wide distribution, whereas others will stay almost unnoticed. Our intention here is to make known to you everything that comes to our hands, and we hope, as time goes by, we will cover as many record labels and artists as possible.

Here you will find reviews of material for all kinds of ears. Furthermore, we will emphasize the little marvels that tend to appear from time to time and which are the basis for the current vigour of the new musics.

The reviews have been organized in the consecutive order implied by the chronological reception of the records. Each line contains title, author and publisher. The authors, in some cases, have their own file in the Galleries section, so that if you want to know something else about them or about the kind of music and the style they practice you only have to visit that page.

The reviews, brief comments on what the audition of the different works has suggested us, and which will at least serve to get to know of their existence, will stay here as long as they possess a certain degree of novelty and actuality. As time goes by, they will be placed into our files, where you will also be able to consult them.



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