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-Jayne Russell. One of the emails on your page asked what other material Philip Riley has released:
1.  Visions & Voices 11012  Whitecloud
2.  A Pattern of Lands  11018  Whitecloud
and 3.  the new release called The Blessing Tree in which he has teamed up with the vocalist of Visions and VoicesJayne Elleson. Hope this is of help.


-Alvaro Sobrino. I'd like to propose an issue that you could deal about someday: the design of CD covers. I believe that the relationship between the graphic and the formal aspects with music is very interesting. If someone knows of a web dealing with this issue, I will be very grateful to them if I am sent an e-mail.

-Paul Schilling. Your magazine is, as its name says, absolutely amazing. I am very grateful for what you are doing, because it is exactly what I have been searching for. I'm finding many of my favorite artists represented here. These growing musical directions are only the roots of the amazing musics that we will hear in the 21st century. I appreciate your reviews, because, as a CD collector, I want to avoid dissapointments and know as much as I can about the CDs that I'm considering buying. The links to sound samples also help very much in that regard. I also appreciate your information on the artists and especially the crosslinks to other information sources. THANK YOU!

-Pond Lily. Thanks for putting this page together and for the interviews, especially with Kitaro. Some of my favorites for years have been TD, Vangelis, Yanni and Lucia Hwong. Hope you feature Douglas Spotted Eagle, who is now on the W.Hill label. His new album Closer to Far Away has got to be the best!

-Ron Shea. This is truly a great boost to the New Age Music industry. I appreciate your effort for all the work you have done in putting together clips about artists and their recordings. I can not get enough New Age music. Some of my favorite artists are John Dyson (Moonwind), Garry Hughes, Med Goodall and Vangelis, to name only a few. To keep this industry going, we in the States need to find ways of distributing this music so we can purchase it. Unfortunately, music stores here only carry the more popular artists and rarely have artists from other countries. While I have found some distribution through the net, the selection still seems limited. Why is this so? Please keep it going. You are doing a great job.

-Darryl Anderson. My vote for the best album: The Songs of Distant Earth, by Mike Oldfield. Other near-perfect albums: The CROSS of Changes, by Enigma; Tubular Bells II, by Mike Oldfield; Semantic Spaces, by Delerium. By the way, your page is extremely resourceful - excellent job! - but I would suggest including more information on the Enigma/b-Tribe/Deep Forest genre.

-Juan J. Torres. Congratulations for having created this web on new musics, I have found the information it contains very interesting indeed, and I believe that this can be a good place to debate and exchange information on these musical styles. By the way, could you inform me about what musician Philip Riley has released, apart from Visions and Voices?

Any help?

-Richard Victor. Great WEB SITE !!! Excelent job on Enya material. Thank you for the art work on the album covers.

-Dean Thompson. Jorge, I just read your excellent article describing the various facets of "amazing sounds". One of the most "amazing" of all however was not even mentioned. I refer to John Cage. John broke ground in areas nobody had ever dared to set foot in. His pioneering efforts opened doors for multitudes of explorers to follow. Although his music was not "pop", it has a large following nonetheless. I have friends that have 'all' his music, and there's a local radio show which covers music of his and similar avant-garde musicians. Surely they are at the heart of the definition of "amazing sounds". Arnold Schoenberg (1885-1935) deserves a mention too.

I agree with it. I'll mention John Cage in that article. The absence of many important musicians in the article is due to the fact that it is only a brief write-up where a few names randomly chosen among many others are mentioned so that the readers not familiar with these types of music may know which the "amazing sounds" described in this magazine are. (Jorge Munnshe)

-Timothy Herpin. Hi, I was wondering if you had any info on the Group One Dove. I was kind of suprised to not find anything about them on your page. I think your page is great though. Thanks for the article on Delerium.

And thank you very much for your E-Mail! As you can see, Amazing Sounds isn't (cant't be) an encyclopedia. We began a couple of months ago as a general magazine devoted to alternative music and we add more and more stuff little by little. However, E-Mails like yours help us very much to know what are the preferences of our readers. We're now in the process to contact many record companies and artists to get also more and more news, concert dates, CDs for reviewing and so on. Group One Dove (and others) will surely have their space sooner or later. An article is also possible. And, oh yes, anyone knows where to find some info about Group One Dove?

-Banu ATAM. I am a big fan of Depeche Mode and we haven't heard any kind of news from them for ages. One of my friends told me that they'll be releasing a new single and he told me that he saw that news from internet. I searched for several web pages and other magazines about Depeche Mode and I couldn't find any sort of news about them. I would be very pleased if you could help with this, and send me some info about them.

Please, check our news section for December 31.

-Eric Gieseke. I have a question. What would be the best way to promote yourself in the music industry if you have a CD and your doing it yourself, I mean all the marketing? I recently did my own album and it's been selling very slowly. I've thought about looking up magazines to get it reviewed so maybe people would visit my webpage and order plenty! Well, anyhelp is great.

Great question! And probably the worst nightmare for all people who try to promote their own music. It's very difficult to answer this from a magazine point of view. All we can say to people like you is: send us your works and they'll be reviewed (we don't care whether they come from very big record companies or from very little record labels). Free promotion is very difficult to find this days. Probably the only way is to send your material to magazines / fanzines for reviewing purposes. Your web page is also a good idea. To place an advertisement in a high (or not so high) circulation music magazine also is a good thing but it usually costs much more money than a self-promoted artist wants to spend. Here in Amazing Sounds we have advertisement rates that we think are much cheaper than those of a paper magazine. Look at them. Other self-promoted people already have put publicity this way. Good luck!

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