After a relatively long absence, Ginkgo Garden (alias Eddy F. Mueller) returns with more energy than ever. His Secret Call album was a hit and Letters from Earth probably will follow the same path. The style is more or less the same: great arrangements, very good sound and fabulous melodies. The CD contains 13 tracks (musical letters, in fact), all instrumental except a couple of them. Mueller has composed, performed, arranged and produced all the material, showing us his abilities as an artist who loves the studio. Anja Bitzhenner (vocals), Atsuko Kato (voices), Christian Tolle (guitars), Hans Wegerhoff (guitars) and Peter Shulte (saxophones) also appear in the album. Kato, an excellent painter, has provided several oil paintings, all of them in one way or another related to the old ginkgo tree. As always, the music of Mueller is a relaxing journey in search of harmony.


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