Secret Call was a spectacular hit in 1996 and now will be released in the USA by Sonic Images. Waiting for the new album (which will be titled Letters from Earth), it is a good thing to listen to Secret Call one more time. It is certainly a bestseller and it deserves the popularity: Ginkgo Garden (the German composer Eddy F. Mueller) produced an absolutely fantastic, original and fresh album. Secret Call is only the second CD by Ginkgo Garden, but Mueller is a very experienced composer. He has produced 11 LPs/CDs under the pseudonym Birdy and this music has been used as library music in more than 2,000 films, videos and commercials. So Secret Call sounds extremely sophisticated and very professional. The CD contains 14 themes. They have really great arrangements and melodies and it is difficult to mention one over the rest. Perhaps tracks 1 and 4 are specially interesting. The album will be of much interest for everybody who like new instrumental music, and not only for radical lovers of electronic music.


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