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"Hydro 2" is a continuation of the album "Hydro", released in the year 2000, which sold 150.000 copies.

The new album reprises some of the master outlines of its predecessor and offers us a precious collection of themes of deep electronic music, dominated by melodies ranging from the romantic, to the majestic and to the unearthly..

Most noteworthy is the successful use of the palettes of sound. Michel Huygen, the alma mater of Neuronium, usually designs most of the instrumental sounds that he uses in his works. For this disc, like he did for its predecessor, he has used several aquatic sounds, yet – and this is important, not as mere environmental accompaniment, but rather as full-fledged instruments, integrating them very skilfully in the music. Among all the sounds that Huygen uses with great skill, there is one, ghostly and beautiful at the same time, that is not quite piano, not quite female vocals either.

The music has a great strength and allows the imagination soar free.


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