E-LIVE 2010

Groove Unlimited


This album gathers pieces, up till now unreleased in disc, performed live during the festival E-Live of 2010.

E-Live is held every autumn in the Netherlands. Together with the festival E-Day, that is held every spring in this same country, it, is one of the festivals with more prestige in the field of Space Music, Synth-Pop and similar genres.

The contents of the CD is as follows: 1: Nattefrost: "Near UFO" (8:28). 2: Picture Palace Music: "Help Murder Help 2010" (6:36). 3: Mark Jenkins: "The Ceremony of Innocence" (8:40). 4: Picture Palace Music: "Midsummer's Morning" (5:26). 5: Airsculpture: "Exploration Drive" (19:32). 6: Picture Palace Music: "Array of Fading Flowers" (4:39). 7: Nattefrost: "In a Forgotten Time (deZeptive remix)" (5:32).

The music of Nattefrost flows through a fresh, agile Synth-Pop trend, like that of Picture Palace Music (the band led by Thorsten Quaeschning, Who also is known for his work as a keyboardist in the band Tangerine Dream).

In his performance, Mark Jenkins performs "The Ceremony of Innocence" accompanied by Alquimia (vocals), Arthur Brown (vocals), David Vorhaus (sounds), and WB Yeats (words). Jenkins, the author of the piece, uses synthesizers as well as iPad. This theme was recorded live during the concert, as well as in the Unicorn Studio of London. "The Ceremony of Innocence" is a remarkable composition, between Space Music and Classical Music, with operatic airs. The bewitching vocals of synthesist and singer Alquimia are noteworthy.

Airsculpture perform an impressive suite of Space Sequencer Music, with melodies that reach deep into the soul, and rhythms with the strength of the natural elements, all that wrapped into dazzling atmospheres and orchestrations. It is in fact a whole experience to listen to a sonic monument like that one live, an experience that to a certain extent can be lived when listening to the recording of the live performance included in this CD.


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