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The band Picture Palace Music, a very interesting musical proposal led by Thorsten Quaeschning, who is also known for his work as a keyboardist i band Tangerine Dream, gives us in this disc refreshing, agile electronic music, that revolves around Synth-Pop mostly.

Not only are there frantic rhythms, but also beautiful melodies, and arrangements and orchestrations elaborated to the tiniest of details with exquisite care. Thorsten is a perfectionist, and besides proving it with his work, he also has the excellent collaboration of the other musicians in the band:

Sascha Beator (synthesizers), Kai Hanuschka (drums and vocals), Djirre (guitar, vocals and vocoder), Nadine Gómez (violin and vocals), Juergen Heidemann (percussion and vocals) and David See (drums).

The pieces are essentially instrumental, with the occasional accompaniment of the vocals in the form of a choir.

In my opinion, the best theme is "Seduction Crossing".


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