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Despite what it may seem, this album is not the typical collection of traditional Christmas themes, in more or less personalized versions yet clearly identifiable with their originals.

The interesting experiment that these artists have carried out is to create pieces of music, mostly between the space music genre and Ambient, which only take the melodic basis of each one of the original pieces, and everything else serves the musician as a path for their own creativity.

In other words, the versions are very different from the originals, and nearer to the style of the artists that have done the versions than to the style of the authors of the original pieces.

The 75 minutes of music gathered in this CD, are therefore a suggestive combination of electronic themes with a clear space music vocation which fit perfectly well with the definition of this artistic trend.

The contents of this album is as follows:

01 David Wright & Geigertek – The Dancing Snowman (5:04).
02 Steve Barnes – Good King Wenceslas (5:39).
03 Geigertek – Beneath A Christmas Mantle (2:35).
04 Claudio Merlini – Christmas Wonderland (4:58).
05 Ramsaygee – The Season’s Wish (5:26).
06 Lord of the Ants – Christmas in New York (2:37).
07 Richard Bone – Do You Hear What I Hear? (4:09).
08 The Pels Syndicate – Xmas5 (3:21).
09 Catalin Marin – A Star in The East (4:24).
10 Richard Bone – Dónde Está Santa Claus? (2:31).
11 Acheloo – White Christmas (3:54).
12 Al Rudd – The Magic of Christmas? (3:47).
13 Steve Barnes – Little Town of Bethlehem (4:01).
14 Ramsaygee – First Snow (5:02).
15 Robert Fox – Silent Night (4:35).
16 Steve Barnes – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (4:36).
17 David Wright – We 3 Kings (7:01).
18 Bekki Williams – Waiting for Santa (1:50).

The task of selection, masterization and production of this album has been carried out by David Wright.


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