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Cadenced Haven is an interesting electronic composer, with a promising career, which started in Bangladesh, and which has already been well received in many other countries.

"Peregrination" is an emotional work with futuristic, oneiric and romantic air, where the exquisite sensitivity of the artist can be appreciated, as well as her creative strength,.

The synthesizers and the acoustic textures she uses fit to perfection, and offer the listener music ranging from Synth-Pop to Space Sequencer Music, also including some touches of Ambient with a symphonic orientation.

There are large doses of romanticism, fresh rhythms, and some passages of fascinating mystery.

In my opinion, the best themes are “Atmosphere of Amalgamation”, an intense composition with powerful sequencer rhythms and air of epic adventure, and "Conclusion" an impressive space music piece that flows between the mysterious and the romantic.

Well-known synthesist Gert Emmens, who has made his musical contributions to three of the tracks and arrangements in another two, besides taking care of the final masterization, has collaborated with Cadenced Haven in this album.


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