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An impressive disc of Neuronium, which flows through the path of deep Space Music, between Ambient (present, above all, in misty orchestrations) and Contemporary Instrumental Music (represented by romantic melodies).

The album has several directions, which range from the festive to the melancholy, and also the mysterious, all that within the general outline already mentioned.

As usual, the palette of sounds is carefully selected and is used to enhance the sensations and emotions that Michel Huygen, alma mater of Neuronium, wishes to transmit to the listener with melodies and rhythms.

Amongst the pieces of the album, "Mellomoog Runaway", an intense theme of analog sound, oneiric, dreamy melodies with a taste of melotron, powerful sequencers and the amazing transmutation of Huygen’s voice into electronic instrument, in the purest vocoder style, with a degree of sophistication even greater, merits special attention.


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