Edward Artemiev


Electroshock Records


With an impressive skill to create very different musical structures, Edward Artemiev offers us a varied collection of electronic themes in this disc.

The most epic aspect of Space Sequencer Music is represented by the version of "Peregrini" that closes the album.

The most powerful, frantic side of this genre is manifest in such pieces as "Fox Hunting". and above all, in "A Road to Nowhere", where the sequencers thresh crushing rhythms.

Some themes, such as "Polygon" are dominated by beautiful melodies.

There is Space Music with an enchanting expressiveness in “Swing".

Mystery, dyed with nostalgia, appears in such pieces as "Looking after the Victim" and "Premonition".

In short, this album is another clear sample of the great talent and the fertile imaginations of this legendary Russian composer, a pioneer of electronic music, and an outstanding explorer of virtually all musical avant-garde genres since half a century ago.


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