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The release of this CD gives us a wonderful chance to listen to the mythic band Mythos live, at a time when they had not forged their style towards some of the dimensions that later some sector of their audience would come to know them for.

Stephan Kaske, the leader and alma mater of Mythos, composed all the themes that were performed at the concert included in this album. The music was recorded live at the Sagge's Hotel, in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany, on March 5th, 1976.

The roots of Mythos and Kaske are found in Rock, and we must not forget that in the mid seventies many of the avant-garde genres well identified and classified today were still in their embryo phase, or were considered to be innovations applied to more traditional genres by many people.

In the album, the themes flow along a course sited between Progressive and Psychedelic, although some of the melodies and rhythmic structures already allow us to guess the subsequent artistic evolution of Kaske and Mythos.

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