Bruno Sanfilippo


Spotted Peccary


Bruno Sanfilippo has always been an artist with a special sensitivity, and a quite skilled one in controlling an immense scope of musical language. He is an alchemist of sound who can transmit completely new sensations to us, and is capable of amazing or moving us with what he expresses by means of his art.

In "Subliminal Pulse" he proves all that once again.

This disc could be described as near to Ambient, yet in actual fact it is far wealthier and more complex than what this definition may suggest. The melodies, exquisitely wrought, the rhythm in the dynamic passages and the iridescent atmospheres in the slow passages and themes are the pillars of a work dominated by beauty. At times it is a shining beauty, while in other occasions it is that of the mysterious.

The instrumentation and the orchestrations stand out because of their variety, their complexity and the skills the artist shows with them so as to mould his music with the precision of a silversmith.


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