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A new and brilliant collaborative work between two excellent German synthesists, Detlef Keller and Mario Schonwalder, well known for their many previous discs, be it solo, as a duo, or in collaboration with other musicians.

The album includes three pieces: "Long Distances" (26:33), "Metropolis (41:11) and "September Moods" (7:10). The first and the last ones were recorded some years ago. The second is inspired by the fascinating silent science-fiction film of the same title directed by Fritz Lang in 1925-1926.

"Long Distances", with a slow prologue and then a medium speed rhythmic background, evokes a long voyage full of vicissitudes and with the taste of adventure.

"September Moods" is a beautiful slow track of romantic airs and an intense melody, with nostalgic touches.

"Metropolis" starts slow and later adds a medium speed rhythmic basis that later leads into a frantic rhythm. Throughout this suite, there is a succession of ethereal melodies, wrapped into unearthly or futuristic atmospheres.

This definitely is an album that will no doubt appeal to the followers of Space Music, and it will also attract the attention of those who are keen on experiencing new sensations with music.


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