Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo


Brain Laughter / Spotted Peccary Music Group


In an interesting collaboration, Deborah Martin and Erik Wollo combine their respective artistic approaches to create daring, fresh work.

Clearly inspired on the culture of Native Americans, the music drinks from the sources of approaches typical of Ambient and melodic contemporary music. Each one of the twelve themes in the CD has a different nature. Some are mainly World Music, others flow through melodic Ambient, and there also are some in the in-between realm between both.

In the slowest parts of this work, there is an abundance of architectures based on synthesizers that evoke the immensity of the great open spaces.

Also remarkable is the skill that the artists have proved to possess by fusing traditional elements with cosmic structures, such as for instance in "Sunrise at Whiteriver", a theme that brings to us the echoes of a faraway past soaring in the solitude of natural landscapes that have witnessed History. Another impressive theme is "Anasazi", with a peculiar rhythmic structure and the taste of adventure.


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