Michel Huygen


Neuronium Records


In this album, Huygen offers a collection of themes, several of them with a historical charisma within the artistic career of this composer and synthesist, with the common denominator of being music with a half-speed rhythm, ideal to impulse the listener's dynamism yet at the same time keep them within a certain degree of calm.

In any case, the high quality of Huygen's music is sufficient guarantee to enjoy this album, both for those who do not know about his artistic career and want to get an idea about it, and those who are usual followers of the musician and wish to have his complete discography.

The contents of the album is as follows: "Akuatika", "Priorité absolue", "Azizi", "Chilled drive", "Promenade", "Homo Erectus", "Believe in yourself", "Sybaris (A-18)" (with Santi Picó at the guitar), "Digitron", "Torquemada" (withSanti Picó at the guitar), "Montréal first stop", "En busca del misterio", "Momenta mirabila".


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