Michel Huygen


Neuronium Records


With a completely new re-mastering, Michel Huygen offers us a selection of some of the most rhythmic themes in his music compiled in this album.

The themes selected for this CD are the following: "Reprisal", "Kisangani Man", "Vital Breath", "Chromium Echoes" (with Carlos Guirao), "Decision", "When the Goblins Invade Madrid", "Borobudur", "Sybaris (a-18)", "Torquemada", "Priorité Absolue".

For the new audiences that still are not familiar with this veteran synthesist, "NeuroHysterya" represents a good chance to get an idea about how the different aspects of the most dynamic side in his electronic music are shaped.

Also, the album will allow the usual followers of Huygen's, to enjoy a careful selection of themes by Michel, with the care in the re-mastering that has always characterized this composer and producer.


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