Joseph Loibant:


At-Mooss Records


Joseph Loibant is a composer with a powerful imagination, whose music is characterized by a great diversity of ideas, styles and emotions.

In this album, like its title suggests ("Grand" comes from "Grand Piano"), the pianos have quite a leading role, although they are accompanied by other instruments.

The music, which is electronic, has the typical characteristics of tendencies like Space, Synth-Pop, and contemporary instrumental music. Also there are some traits from Jazz and Rock.

The four long themes are full of complex constructions, where the pianos shape the rhythms and melodies. In fact, rhythm and melody are merged often.

In some passages the pianos are treated with audio effects such as echo. Some parts are cold, mysterious. Others turn out to be warm, emotional.

The opening passage of "Vital/Space" has a masterful, melodic piano solo.

Loibant proves in this CD that it is possible to maintain the charismatic sound essence of the piano and at the same time make different things, original and risky. "The Grand Space" is an album that no doubt deserves an attentive listening.


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