Michel Huygen


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This CD compiles the memorable concert by Michel Huygen in the closing ceremony of the festival Sonar of advanced music on June 17, 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. The recording of the event has been reproduced in its entirety, without adding anything.

Sonar gathers pieces from previous albums by the composer, somewhat different from the original versions, and with a special presence of Astralia. The compositions are joined in three long suites.

Everything that sounds was performed by Huygen in a solo live performance. This compact is a magnificent opportunity to witness the great power that this artist has when performing live. The magnetism of his music can be appreciated above all in two passages that had a great impact in the live performance: The beginning, and the percussion solo.

The album starts with a synthesizer solo that tunes into a bewitching cosmic melody, enigmatic, icy and emotional at the same time.

The percussion solo, that in this album is more extensive than in Astralia, turns out to be overwhelming, almost bloodcurdling, as if Huygen had shaped into music the most instinctive sensations of the human beings with respect to the trauma of death, creating a sort of dance of death universally perceivable as such.


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