Edward Artemiev


Electroshock Records


Edward Artemiev possesses an awesome capacity to create very imaginative, fresh, expressive music in a wide variety of styles. In the collection of themes gathered in this CD, this admirable ability is reflected once again. As for the origin of these, many are part of soundtracks that Artemiev has composed for movies, such as for instance "Crazy Gold" or "Temples of the World", as well as television series such as "Doctor Zhivago".

The immense artistic background of Artemiev, which ranges from the most radical electronic music to the most traditional of classicisms, to Rock, Space Sequencer Music and an infinity of other musical trends, allows him to move at ease when it comes to composing anything he wants to create. On the other hand, his remarkable creative powers, characterized by the strength of his melodies and the originality in the structures of his compositions, allows him to offer the listener a pleasant audition, nice, intense and full of unexpected surprises.

Just like it happens with many of his other albums, "Invitation to Reminiscences" is a jewel of contemporary music.


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