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In this album, Joseph Loibant provides his music with a visual dimension, also created by him. The CD contains the audio recording (only music). The DVD contains the video album version (music + animations).

In the CD, Loibant skillfuly utilizes elements from Rock, Techno and Synth-Pop to combine them into a result that has little to do with his previous works. In the video album, music and image mutually enhance their artistic strenght; for many music lovers, there is an additional impact when the music is complemented with the suitable images.

The music is mostly rhythmic, even though there also are quiet passages. The rhythms tend to be based on the percussion typical of Rock as a general rule. Powerful bass lines increase the strength of the rythms. The sound effects that come and go throughout the entire album are also an important part of rythm and melody. The compositions also have Ambient traits and some light touches of Jazz.

The animations on the DVD are kaleidoscopic, even oneiric, with ethereal images, cosmic textures and a subliminal futuristic aesthetics that make of this video album an ideal vehicle to let imagination soar through unearthly worlds.

The choreographic style of the animations, full of spectacular metamorphosis and hypnotic colors, always bringing to the mind of the observer the sensation of seeing The Impossible.


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