"IN OTHER DIMENSIONS" (video version)

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Explorers of fathomless abysses, the composer Joseph Loibant and the painter Tomas Gilsanz demonstrate that music and image can coexist in a very complementary form under one same artistic scheme, even in the field of Space & Avantgarde Art.

In electronic music, and specially space music, there is an additional impact for the listener when the compositions are complemented with the adequate images. If a music work such as the album "In Other Dimensions" by Joseph Loibant, suggests us a journey through unearthly universes, that sensation will be enhanced if besides listening to the music we see the landscapes that such a journey could bring to our eyes. These are the master lines where this brilliant music video is based on.

To create the animations in this DVD, the famous painter and videoartist Tomas Gilsanz was inspired by the music gathered in the CD "In Other Dimensions" by Joseph Loibant.

The music, as the title suggests, gathers Loibant's personal impressions on the scientific theories about the possible existence of other dimensions in our universe, and his philosophical reflections on this topic. There are two suites of 28 and 25 minutes. In they there is a great variety of emotions, sonic colors, textures, that Loibant is able to reflect in his music with great strength.

Although there are some slow passages, most of the music has a good rhythm, with a prevalence of the sequencers in the rhythmic structures. The percussion also has an important role. On the whole, the music presents a little of each one of the aspects of Loibant's's style: From the vein nearing to Synth-Pop and Techno to the deepest regions of the Space Sequencer Music. There also are Symphonic, romantic and Industrial elements that contribute to enrich the music. The sound effects and environments are impressive and original. The orchestrations are very well built, enhancing the impact of the music, specially in the soft, romantic passages.

In the visual side, Gilsanz knows how to play with psychology linked to visual perception. The choreography of his animations is always aimed at awakening the imagination of the observer and exploring many visual effects hardly describable with mere words.

Gilsanz sculpts textures in varied forms, weaves an oniric tapestry full of mysteries, and take us from one dream to the next in a fluid way, almost without our realizing so. His images are ideal to let imagination soar through unearthly places.


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