Materiali Sonori

The influence that Jimi Hendrix had on the musical revolution of the sixties, culminating with Psychedelic Rock and the new musics in general, is widely known. In this album, the ensemble Harmonia and Paolo Lotti collaborate together to develop versions of a series of memorable themes by Hendrix. This is not an attempt to make mere commercial variations, but rather to work in a greater depth those aspects of a most innovative nature in the music of this genius. The result, that incorporates elements from Rock, Classical Music and New Instrumental Music, together with a very complex rhythmic structure, is frankly interesting. The pieces that shape this CD are: "Burning of the Midnight Lamp", "Foxy Lady", "The Velvet Moon (Foxy Lady Coda)", "Mirrors", "1983 (A merman I should turn to be) pt.1", "From 1983 to 1997 (Other dimension world)", "1983 (A merman I should turn to be) pt.2", "I don't live today", "The wind cries Mary", "Seattle", "3rd stone from the Sun", "Voodoo child (Slight return)", "Little wing".



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