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After the success of Secret People, the Scottish band Capèrçaillie return with a peculiar production. Satisfied with the participation of producer Will Mowat, with whose collaboration they recorded new versions for the themes "When You Return" and "Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda", they decided to continue in this fruitful path till they completed a whole record that they have christened with the name of their band. Thus, besides the already mentioned tracks, this work contains six themes from Secret People. All in all, 10 songs that show us a less ancestral, more rhythmic, Capèrçaillie yet as extraordinary as usual. Participating in it we find Karen Matheson at the vocals, and Charlie McKerron, John Saich, Donald Shaw, Marc Duff and Manus Lunny at the instruments. Also James Mackintosh, Ian Murray and Wilf Taylor have collaborated, as well as the children of the choir of the St. Saviour's School and the already mentioned Will Mowat. Among the material that this record offers us we can specially mention "When You Return", that sees its traditional character transformed with the addition of the percussion and the drum machine, "Stinging Rain", and "Crime and Passion". The lyrics in the Gaelic language continue to be present here, sometimes mixed with fragments in English. The balanced selection, which includes both traditional and original compositions, will no doubt attract their unconditional followers. The record ends with "When You Return Widescreen Mix", yet another variation of this famous theme whose magic is very near the original.


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