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Welcome to The Science Book Board, a bibliographical data base where you will find a choice selection of book and software reviews. These are not reviews in the traditional sense of the word: we rather prefer to provide you with editorial information, table of contents, and, in some cases, a short commentary on our part, so you can decide whether the material is of some interest for you or not.

The SBB was born on november 1995, as The Space Book Board. In this new venture, the SBB has grown to include book/software reviews which cover not only astronomy and astronautics but other sciences as well. The layout has been improved and other improvements will also be implemented soon.

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As before, opinions and comments are welcome. Publishers wishing to send us review copies of their products, can use the following address:

The Science Book Board
c/o Manuel Montes
Coll d'Estenalles, 57
08230 Matadepera (Barcelona)

Also, this E-Mail address is available: amazings@amazings.com

All the texts and graphics are the copyright of their authors. Reproduction in whole or in part by any means feasible without previous written permission is prohibited.


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