To make soft music that allows us to forget our everyday problems and let imaginations soar free towards our dreams is a perfectly valid option.

But another option, and a most praiseworthy one is, in my opinion, the one chosen by other artists who become chroniclers of the trenches of life.

To reflect the unrewarding day-to-day life of people who will never get known beyond their immediate circle of acquaintances and society will try to sweep under the carpet.

Losers, marginal people, rebels without a cause, gullible people who believe they will be able to make their dreams come true… What does it matter, how they are called, in every time there are those, and like the raw recruits sent to the frontline as cannon-fodder, many of those who constitute the kamikaze generation of the day, they will end up broken in the gutters of life under the indifferent look of model citizens that will pass by, too busy with the so very important trivialities of their empty lives.

The music and the words by Lexa are hard but sincere. The truth very often hurts, yet it is always better than listening to the sweetish lies that intend to anaesthetize and make people into sheep.

The song "Generación Kamikaze", which gives the album its name, is like impacting against a concrete wall, yet it also reaches the soul. The words tell us a story that some know all too well and many prefer to ignore, a stabbing, anonymous story that with different plots and people are repeated generation after generation, in every neighbourhood.


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