E-DAY 2010

Groove Unlimited


This album gives us a wonderful chance to listen to some of the most interesting artists in the avant-garde electronic music scene live, during their performance in the festival E-Day of 2010.

E-Day is held in the Netherlands every spring. Together with the festival E-Live, which is held every autumn in this same country, this is one of the festivals with a greater standing in the sphere of Space Music, Synth-Pop and similar genres.

Thrilling melodies, powerful rhythms, unearthly atmospheres and the stylistic elements typical of each artist or band shape the pieces in the CD, near to this.

The album includes the following themes: 1: David Wright & friends: "Gaia". 2: Erik Seifert: "Cern". 3: E.R.G.: "Asturiana". 4: Free System Projekt: "Day of E". 5: Code Indigo: "Eden to Chaos (Corrupted Time Mix)".

Special mention must be made of “Day of E", by Free System Projekt, a long suite dominated by powerful sequencers with highly elaborated rhythms and ethereal melodies.


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