Ron Boots &


Groove Unlimited


A magnificent album that results from the collaboration between Ron Boots and, in which we can listen to splendid themes, between Synth-Pop and Space Sequencer Music, with touches of Symphonic Rock.

Although rhythm has a great deal of prominence throughout the whole disc, the melodies also are very well elaborated, like for example in "Rosée du matin" and "Soleil levant".

The music tends to be of an adventurous nature, as if it was an action movie soundtrack, yet it also has room for intimate romanticism.

All the pieces have a very good level. For my personal taste, if I had to highlight one that would reflect what is most noteworthy of the disc, I would choose "Combat des coqs", a bewitching theme from the beginning to the end, with melodies that reach the soul, a powerful rhythm and such a warm, lively staging as life itself.


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