Steve Roach




In "Sigh of Ages", Steve Roach offers us an impressive work in the most cosmic of trends within his peculiar style.

Just as the title and the fascinating photographic art by Chuck van Zyl suggest, Roach captures in his music the sense of awe and vertigo bordering on fear so typical of our human reaction when we admire ancient monuments that continue to rise, defying before the passage of time, as a symbol of the rebel spirit of the Human Being before death; rocks of thousands of years old that have witnessed the beginnings of such remote eras that no humans had ever known them; works of art that continue to fascinate new observers centuries after the death of their creators; and tales of historical events that show us that throughout the different generations the human beings continue loving and hating because of the same basic reasons.

Track after track, yet even most especially in the wondrous "Morning of Ages", Steve Roach shows us the passing of eons, and reminds us of the fact that there are things far more everlasting than the material life of a single individual, and he makes our imagination soar over the enigmas of the origin of things.


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