Knitting by Twilight


It's twilight time


As suggested by the title and the cover, this album explores the fascination that some of the most charismatic aspects of US alternate culture in the late 1950's and early 1960's are starting to awaken. Due to the unavoidable passage of time and the shades of mystery that things tend to get dyed with the further in the past they keep going, now that culture, which once used to be radical, and which marked such things as for example the beginnings of Rock, the movies of James Dean, and the illegal races of youngsters in convertibles, is beginning to acquire a ghostly aura. If we add to that the effect of reinforcement generated in the United States by the phenomenon of ghost towns that, deprived from inhabitants, have remained anchored in those past eras as if they were abandoned movie sets, we have the perfect background where this album seems to have been shaped.

Even if eclectic, varied and somewhat experimental, some of the themes and passages succeed in taking us backwards in time and visit those ghost towns of the convertible races, rebels without a cause and the dreams that ended up breaking down.


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