Antanas Jasenka


Electroshock Records


In this album, Lithuanian electronic musician Antanas Jasenka offers us a work ("In/Out") in six parts composed by him, and another work by him and Antanas Kucinskas ("Out off Ciurlionis").

The six themes that make up "In/Out" range from mysterious Ambient to electronic experimentation. The music has an attractive cybernetic air, not only for the use of the computer but also for the textures of sound, deliberately icy and enigmatic, which enhance the extra human, hypnotic character of the melodies. As if in a journey to the soul of circuitry, the compositions suggest ghostly soaring over continents of bytes, or whispers between awareness and the unconscious uttered by beings shaped in the innermost core of chips.

"Out off Ciurlionis", on the other hand, combines electronics with a string quartet, and flows near the approaches of Contemporary Music or the New Music.


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