Witches on the Radiowaves Records


Enhanced CD: Audio + mp3 files (128 kbps).

"Fantasynth" is a mystic adventure throughout 13 suggestive themes evoking a world of fantasy. Melodies that range from sensuality to epic, orchestrations that blend Classicism with Cosmic influences, and musical structures of a great diversity are the basis for a work that takes Electronic / Contemporary Instrumental Music to its highest reaches.

None of the themes included in the album goes to waste. All the pieces are a clear sample of the talent of the artist. For instance, "Orient Spirit" has an overwhelming rhythm, with several elements of World Music, and suggests voyages full of adventures. One of the most romantic and impressive compositions is "Forbidden Pleasures". "Imaginarium" is a cosmic-symphonic theme of an unusual majesty. "A Winter Tale" is a composition full of symphonism and strength.

Psicodreamics approaches the composition of this album with an artistic temperament typical of a Renaissance painter. He creates melodies that take us towards epic adventures and which evoke in our soul the feelings that define the human condition.

I shall never tire of reccommending this kind of works, because they are part of the scarce samples of quality that can be found in the field of the current Contemporary Instrumental Music.


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