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The last work by Joseph Loibant is probably one of the best ones he has made. The grandiosity of the music and its strength make of the listening of this album an impressive experience.

Io enters a very futuristic terrain of Space Music, with turbulent rhythms, extraterrestrial atmospheres, and melodies between the majestic and the enigmatic. The title of the CD also possess clear astronomical references; Io is a satellite of Jupiter.

Some themes or passages are slow, but others turn out to have a very powerful rhythm. The rhythmic structure of the music is based on the sequencers. The orchestrations are very well built, enhancing the impact of the music.

Another important aspect that can be appreciated in the music is the great experience Loibant has in the musical arena and the control of the possibilities that an electronic equipment allows for. In a few words, a work that will enthusiasm the followers of Space Music and electronic music in general.


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