Magic Music is a Canadian band of a long history, although somewhat apart from the commercial circuits, who earned a reputation as a "cursed band" as they were rejected by the record industry for long periods of time. Their basic nucleus is formed by Frank Phillet and Neil MacIver, who founded it in 1970. During the first half of this decade they recorded several movie soundtracks for the radio and for theatre plays. Their first two albums appeared in 1975, yet the pressures of the record label so that they adopted a more commercial style led them to four years of silence. From 1979 to 1987 they had a not very wide recording production, yet it was steady enough. After a long period of silence lasting for almost a decade, they reappeared with a new work.

Essential recordings:

-Someone like you / Message of love
-Those girls / In love forever
-You don't remember me / Never stop lovin'me
-Carry on / Tu ne te souviens pas de moi
-Females on my mind / Lay me down
-Half told lies / Its just my foolish heart / Love
-At last victim of love
-Lifeforce, Deathforce / On a stairway to the stars
-Under another moon / Friday night at the bookclub
Dark to Light


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