Michel Huygen has tackled a new project: the creation of a series of CDs with meditative music inspired by his recent stay in several places with a high spiritual and cultural charisma in Asia, specifically the South-Eastern areas, with Myanmar (Birmania), Cambodia and Thailand as the most remarkable ones.

Together with the powerful mystic aura surrounding several of these places, some of which have been declared as patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO,  they also have the tragic load of war and repression in the recent history of south-eastern Asia. No one travelling along the key points in the area can remain unaffected. It is not possible to stay aside from the feelings that the Fragments of Live History awaken in the human being. A landscape can captivate, yet the emotional load, in all its aspects and degrees, from light to darkness, impregnates whoever visits such south-eastern areas in Asia.

With respect to Michel Huygen, there is no doubt that the experience must have somehow impressed him in a special way, activating in him the creative springs and maybe establishing in his artistic biography a “Before” and an “Afterwards”.

These experiences have presented to him within a brief yet intense period of his life, when the death of a person who was very close to him has taken him to this unknown ocean that opens at the end of life, very much like such events have always taken us near to it.

Therefore it is not strange that such experiences have moved him to reflect the feelings, the hope, the sense of transcendentalism and the “magic” that these special places he has visited must have generated in him, as well as his personal career especially at this stage of his life, in the form of music.

The first release of this peculiar musical trek is the CD "ANGKOR", which, as suggested by its title, has been inspired by the impressive temple of Angkor Wat, a millenial cultural crossroads.


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