By: Manuel Montes.

Iasos was born in Greece in 1947. At age 4, his family settled in the United States, where he began to show an interest in music. He would study the piano and the flute until he finished high school. Later on, alredy a self-taught musician, he completed his musical education by analyzing the music he felt most interested in.

At age 20, however, he began to foster the idea that would make him famous during the next decades. A new type of music, temporarily called "paradise music" took shape within his mind. Once he got his BA degree in Cultural Anthropology at Cornell University, he decided not to wait any longer and devote his life to a musical career.

Settled in California from 1968 on, Iasos utilized almost all his time to compose, teach and give concerts. Five years later, his "heavenly" musical style, already wholly shaped, began to become known as one of the pioneering branches of the emerging New Age Music, of which he considers himself to be one of its first creators.

Together with his friend Steven Halpern, the genre took an important qualitative leap, thus becoming one of the most innovative and at the same time one which had the most followers in the alternative musics. The 1980's would be extraordinarily prolific for Iasos. This author composed and released a great deal of cassettes and records with his own, very special, music, almost always very near to synthesizers and ethereal melodies, to which Iasos has constantly given their own, particular function. He also opened a series of videos that perfectly combined sound and image.

His music had already been awarded different prizes and specific studies that had researched its properties and its nearness to what many people labelled as "heavenly music". Of course, Iasos has given numerous live performances and concerts throughout his career both in the United States and in other countries (Egypt, Brazil, Greece...), and in his aspect as a writer and a theoretician of the New Age, he has published a great deal of articles both in the popular and in the specialized press. His music appears in various movie and video soundtracks, and he has been repeatedly interviewed in different television and radio programs. Yet perhaps the most interesting trait is the fact that his music is also used as a therapeutical element in hospitals and health centers, and it has also been used in many audiovisual media near to science, new age, etc.

Amazing Sounds has interviewed Iasos so that he gives us his particular vision on different aspects of his work, and in a more general way, on the more theoretical approach to the New Age as a philosophy of life. It is sufficient with reading the titles of his compositions to realise about his commitment to this philosophy, as well as his dedication to the study of whatever has to do with the New Age.

-Amazing Sounds: You obviously are a musician who has a good skill with technology and musical technique, and your music, regardless of any other consideration, is a perfect example of good electronic music. How did you discover the electronic instruments for the first time and when did you realize that they were necessary to develop your particular ideas about musical art?

-Iasos: I was "hearing" this unusual type of music in my mind for a few years before the Moog and other early synthesizers came to the public. I began hearing such "heavenly music" around 1967-1968. Hearing "unearthly" sounds, rather than "normal" instruments, caused me to think, "It would be great if I could actually create music like this for others to hear, but I have no idea how to create such sounds!" Then this powerful male voice within my mind would say to me telepathically: "You can do this!". I had no idea at the time, who was transmitting these thoughts to me. But somehow I trusted this voice, and proceeded as if I could create this music.

A few years later synthesizers began appearing on the market place, but they sounded too robot-like, "cold", and "stiff" for my purposes, so I had no interest in them at all. But as the electronic music technology kept evolving, eventually I started noticing that, finally, they could help me to recreate these sounds I had been hearing in my mind.

So I plunged into it full steam. Just to thoroughly learn the technology, I remember investing $25 in the manual for the most sophisticated Arp synthesizer of that time. I thought - even though I can not afford this technology yet, I can still start getting familiar with how they work, so I can get my subconscious beginning to creatively think in terms of how to creatively mold with these instruments.

And then of course, inevitably, I started acquiring, accumulating, and mastering these instruments. The way the universe works, whatever you focus your mind on frequently, causes you to become a "magnet" to attract into your life this very thing you are focusing your attention on. So I began accumulating sound equipment, just by enthusiastically thinking about it. So yes, electronic sound equipment has been vitally essential in my external re-creation of the music I was experiencing in my mind.

-Amazing Sounds: At the same time, in which way has the technical evolution of the instruments influenced your music? How do you see the question of analog versus digital?

-Iasos: Well the trade-off between "acoustic" instruments and "electronic instruments" is that the electronic instruments can have their sounds controlled in a manner that is easily manipulated, consistently reproduced, and synchronizable to other music, BUT the basic "raw" sounds are simplistic wave-shapes - basically the same wave shape over and over again. This precise repetition of exactly the same wave shape is what the brain hears as "cold" and "sterile" sounds.

"Acoustic" instruments, on the other hand effortlessly produce extremely complex wave shapes - each cycle of the wave is approximately the same, but never exactly the same as the previous cycle. And these complex wave shapes are perceived by the brain as "warm" "alive" "organic" sounds. But "acoustic" instruments are so highly interactive that you can not consistently reproduce the same performance, nor can you edit the performance, nor can you precisely synchronize the performance to other music. (Imagine a professional guitarist plucking a nylon string on a guitar, and then trying to pluck it again to get exactly the same sound! Unlikely!)

So electronic instruments were easily controlled "cold" sounds, and acoustic instruments were difficult to control "warm" sounds.

However ... the difference between the 2 keeps getting smaller and smaller, as electronic instruments continue to evolve. Especially now, that we are entering the era of physical modelling synthesis, computers are even beginning to imitate the highly interactive, highly responsive, very unpredictable nature of acoustic instruments. So electronic instruments are "catching up" to acoustic instruments, in terms of creating complex "organic-sounding" wave shapes, while still retaining the controllability of electronic instruments.

Another difference, which will always be there, is that each can do certain things that the other simply could never dream of doing! So they are both wonderful - each for its own unique capabilities.

With respect to analog versus digital, I love them both. Each has its own unique set of "charms" that the other can't match. Analog has that warmth that really resonates with people's hearts. Digital has that crisp clarity that can "stimulate" the listeners 3rd eye chakra and crown chakra. I also love hybrids that use both, especially digital oscillators (which can produce more complex wave shapes than analog oscillators) that then go through an analog filter. This way you can have the tone-complexity that digital offers, along with the warmth of analog.

-Amazing Sounds: How are your relationships with other electronic musicians, even if these do not perform your kind of music?

-Iasos: I know many of the most known electronic musicians as my personal friends - friends I have known for many years. Some I dearly love. Marin County, California, where I live, is a "center" for new age artistic creations, so many electronic musicians, artists, and media artists live in this immediate area. It's a bit like all the French poets and composers and painters all living in Paris at the same time, creating a common creative community.

-Amazing Sounds: Greece has produced a number of first rate musicians in the field of electronic music (you yourself, Vangelis and Yanni, for instance), although the ideas of each one and the musical paths explored are totally different. What has your country of origin got for this to happen? Or perhaps you do not feel yourself influenced in any way by the Mediterranean culture?

-Iasos: I really do not know what the country has to do with it. By the way, my name "Iasos" is pronounced ya' sos , like yacht-club or Yanni. Others have also pointed out to me the trio of myself, Yanni, and Vangelis. And there are other Greeks too - Chris Spheris in Sedona. Perhaps the national "mentality" of Greece tends to promote an open feeling heart, which would then tend to produce musicians creating primarily from their hearts, rather than their minds. But I actually think every country has a national character and "mind-set" that is capable of producing GREATNESS in any art form. Incidentally, Vangelis (in my opinion) is one of those rare musicians that really understands chords!)

Yes, I am influenced by the Mediterranean culture, especially since the first 4 years of my life were spent around Salonika, Greece. At four, my family then moved to America. It's funny: In America, I feel like a Greek. In Greece, I feel like an American. I have always had the deep conviction that, if my music gets an equal penetration in Europe as it has in America, that a larger % of Europeans would like what I do than the % of Americans.

Digital Photo by Michel Huygen/CD ROM ALMA © 1996

-Amazing Sounds: In your articles you reflect the idea that you are thoroughly convinced about the usefulness of music beyond pure enjoyment. Creating music for a definite purpose implies an exact knowledge of causes and effects, of all the resources related to it. How have you reached this knowledge? Is this something that is taught or something that every artist must find out on their own? Tell us about your teaching and divulgative aspects, always related to music.

-Iasos: First, I think it's fine to use music just for "pure enjoyment". But if it can perform other benefits as well - great! Now, it's difficult to accurately answer your questions without sounding "metaphysical" and "spiritual". So please forgive the metaphysics, but I will proceed with the metaphysics, just to accurately answer your questions:

I have always had an "inner KNOWING" about these things - a certain intuitive wisdom one is born with - something accumulated from another lifetime or in between lifetimes. In my case, I had a few years of spontaneously "hearing" paradise music in my mind, and not knowing where it was coming from. Then around 1973 I had a life-changing profound experience, where I sensed and immediately "remembered" a particular Being, and realized instantly that he was the one that all these years had been transmitting these musical visions into my mind, and instantly remembered that he and I had made an "agreement", before I was born, to work together later - while I was on earth.

In sensing him and remembering him, it released a tremendous flood of love from me to him - sort of like the kind of love that a younger brother might feel for an older brother. His part of the agreement was to transmit these musical visions into my mind. And my part of the agreement was to receive these visions, and then manifest them, and make them available globally. The whole purpose for making this music available was simply to facilitate the transition mankind is now going through, as we enter higher and higher vibrations, and eventually "shift" into the next higher dimension. This music is designed to "stimulate" this alignment to subtler frequencies, so that people can handle this planetary dimensional up-shift more easily. I could give an entire lecture on the details of what this music is designed to do.

But the interesting thing is that when this being transmits a new musical vision to me, he simultaneously transmits 3 aspects:
1. The music.
(chords & melodies, experienced as feelings and changing volume-shapes of colors)
2. Technical information on how to create these sounds or effects, using the equipment.
3. The general effects this music will have on people.

And many years of interacting with him, has shown me that his concept of the effects this music will have on people is always precisely correct! So now, I know the general effects of certain music I am "receiving" - even before I create the music.

So I have reached this knowledge by:
1.Wisdom accumulated before I was born.
2.Wisdom accumulated by receiving musical visions and ideas from this being.
3.Wisdom accumulated simply by focusing my attention on sound, music, and sound-equipment - for many many years.

It is definitely not learned from any music school. Despite pressure from others, I passionately avoided music colleges, because I did not want to be influenced by their "opinions" of what music is supposed to be, since I already knew I had some very unconventional opinions of my own.

But again, for learning music, the same universal principle applies: The more you focus your mind on any aspect of reality, the more your mind becomes a "magnet" to absorb progressively more understanding of that reality. So attention focused consistently on any field of reality, like a steady laser, inevitably causes gradually increasing wisdom on whatever is the focus of your attention - whether it is making music, making sneakers, making paintings, or making love.

-Amazing Sounds: Your ideas about the healing capabilities of music and its task in the field of physical and emotional stability suggest that you apply its properties in yourself. Is that so?

-Iasos: Yes, I apply music in my own personal life, as a "fine-tuner" for my subtle energy bodies. ....and also - just for Fun!

-Amazing Sounds: Does your experience in this sense mean for you that music could come to slow down our biological rhythms of degradation so that we can live longer, yet maintaining a certain degree of physical youth, not only spiritual in nature?

-Iasos: I don't think you need to slow down your biological rhythms in order to live longer. However, occasionally slowing down your bio-cycles, as in daily meditation, can be useful for a profoundly deep rest that can re-charge your vitality, and also for synchronizing your breathing, heart-beat, and brain-waves, so that this "systems tune-up" can cause greater over-all coherency.

Living a long time can be enhanced by keeping your mind enthusiastically busy and active, and keeping your feelings loving and harmonious. And of course, music influences your feelings, so it can be a most potent tool in "reprogramming" your emotional habits - away from anxiety and fear, and more in the direction of increased harmony, peace, balance, and love. Music can be a potent emotional re-programmer - and it's effortless! Just listen frequently to the appropriate type of music! What could be simpler?

P'Taah, a great Pleiadian master, has pointed out that the human life form is very common throughout the galaxies - with over 300 variations of the human body type. And the average life span of the human body type, as found throughout the galaxies (not the maximum, but the average) is 1,000 earth years! Why so much less on earth? Because of the global pollution? No! Because people believe they are supposed to get old and die around 75-85!

So your deep subconscious beliefs about when your body is "supposed" to die, cause your body to "accept" these beliefs as "truth" and it acts accordingly.

Longevity depends on health. And health is influenced in this way:
* Your beliefs, especially subconscious beliefs, create the long-term effects on your health.
* Then your continuously changing emotions create the temporary fluctuations in your health level.

Emotions like fear, anxiety, depression, and anger - if they are being felt, should be deeply experienced, and then released and transformed into other more harmonious emotions. In other words, you should process them and then release them. If you persist with these emotions, you are seriously damaging your physical body and lowering your life-expectancy. As Walter Russell said, the farther any emotion strays away from love, the more that emotion "poisons" the body. The closer any emotion is to love, the more that emotion causes the body to "thrive"!

Your cells actually respond to the "pictures" in your mental data-base of "how your body is supposed to behave". And then the mechanical efficiency of your cells is then powerfully enhanced or interfered with - by the current state of your waves of emotion. Fortunately, music is an easy way to change negative emotional habits, to positive harmonious emotional habits.

-Amazing Sounds: Speaking about all that, should we depend on acknowledging basically the curative effects of music in the mere practice, or are there besides scientific proof or statistics that confirm this beyond any doubts?

-Iasos: Your question uses the word "should", and I don't think anybody "should" anything. "Should" implies someone else has sovereignty (control) over your life. So I don't believe music should do this or that. But I believe music can do this or that.

Looking for "scientific proof" is an interesting game to play. In the 1950s western doctors thought Chinese acupuncture was "merely superstition". But eventually scientific equipment became sensitive enough to measure electrical conductivity of the skin and they discovered that there are acupuncture points - exactly where the Chinese said they were! So science eventually "caught up" with "inner knowing", and now western doctors at least acknowledge acupuncture as scientifically-based.

Now consider: Think of the centuries of benefit from acupuncture the Chinese would have missed, if they had waited for scientific proof? You see? It's great that they trusted their intuition and received those benefits, without having to wait for science to catch up and prove it to be so.

In an analogous way, scientific equipment is gradually getting more and more sensitive, and will eventually become sensitive enough to measure subtle things - like the cells' response to different emotions. In the meantime, there is growing interest this last 5 years, on the therapeutic use of music, and if you scan the internet, you can find a vast international community dedicated to this study - including acquiring scientific evidence about this study. So, yes there is some scientific "proof". And gradually, over the next 8 years, there will be more and more scientific "proof".

But I personally have absolutely no interest at all in scientific proof. I know what I know! And I'm not going to wait for science to prove it. Science will just have to catch up to me! I am simply proceeding with what I know to be true. And the response of others to what I do, only confirms that I am proceeding "on the right track".

-Amazing Sounds: Once its usefulness is proved, why isn't it more widely used in traditional medicine?

-Iasos: Because the last few hundred years have been a preoccupation with emphasizing the intellect and de-emphasizing the intuition (which is your telephone-line to your own God/Goddess-self). Now this "imbalance" is gradually being corrected, as humanity gets progressively more in touch with their intuition, without losing the usefulness of the intellect. Balancing intellect with intuition is the key, with the intellect being the servant for the heart-intuition. And this is gradually happening globally right now. And as a result, more and more traditional medicine practitioners are beginning to incorporate "far out" things - like music, color therapy, and aromatherapy - all of which are shining examples of "vibrational medicine". I even know of a surgeon in France that uses my music as "pre-medication" before major surgery! And he reports to me that he gets excellent results - quicker recovery and fewer problems after the surgery. Within the next 12-15 years, I am sure the "intrusive" nature of normal medicine will be largely replaced by the "non-intrusive" approach of vibrational medicine.

-Amazing Sounds: Could this kind of music be possible without the use of synthesizers? Are sounds as important as the notes in the melodies to achieve the desired results?

-Iasos: Creating healing music is not dependent on any particular type of technology. You can do it with synthesizers. You can do it without synthesizers. To create healing music, there are only 2 important requirements:
1. The Intention of the music creator:
"What effects do I want this music to have on people?"
2. The level of Balance in the energy fields of the person creating the music. You see, healing is balance, just like sickness is imbalance. To induce balance in others, you must first be highly balanced yourself. And so if a person has their energy fields in a tremendous state of balance, they could create extremely healing music just by making sounds with their voice!

-Amazing Sounds: Coming back to the previous question, when you talk about the healing properties of certain kinds of music, you mention physical and emotional resonances, and to explain both types of resonances you use scientific descriptive terms (molecule, frequency, waves...) But, is there an exclusively scientific way not only to explain the concept but also to measure its effects and counter-effects?

-Iasos: If you want an "exclusively scientific way" to explain these concepts, I would say, study the books, pictures, and now videos of CYMATICS from Hans Jenny in Norway. His ground-breaking work, shows how sound and vibrations can create order and symmetry out of randomness and chaos. Imagine putting a flat metal plate on top of a horizontal speaker, and then putting a very fine powder on the plate. As the speaker makes sound, the fine powder is "shaken up", and then "magically" re-arranges itself into organized beautiful symmetric patterns! I saw one pattern that even wiggled like the spine of a lizard! This is a scientific graphic demonstration of "physical resonance" - how sound vibrations can create order, balance, and symmetry, out of randomness.

But for emotional resonance, science has not yet developed sufficiently sensitive equipment to measure this. Of course, everyone intuitively knows that music effects your emotions. But not everyone realizes that your emotions then powerfully affect your health! Medicine has the term "psychosomatic diseases", which means those "special" diseases that are caused by your emotions. For example, anxiety causing an ulcer. Boy, won't they be surprised when they find out that all diseases are psychosomatic! All! No exceptions!

Artwork by Tomás Gilsanz © 1996

-Amazing Sounds: If all diseases are psychosomatic, what is the role in them of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, some of which are certainly harmful? Can music act in all cases as an efficient eliminator of these living beings?

-Iasos: From the point of view of the good health of your body, there are "good" bacteria and "bad" bacteria. Your body-wisdom encourages the good ones, and tries to eliminate the bad ones. So how does all this relate to psychosomatic diseases? Like this: Harmonious emotions vibrate on higher emotional frequencies than negative emotions. (We're not talking about intensity/volume/amplitude. We're talking about frequency. Intense anger, for example, is a high-amplitude but low-frequency emotion.) Germs, and bacteria that are "harmful" to human bodies thrive and grow luxuriously in bodies with low emotional frequencies! (Bodies feeling hate, anger, or fear, for example.) They find it very difficult to survive and live in high-frequency environments! (Like bodies feeling laughter, enthusiasm, happiness, and love.) That's why it's easier to get sick when you are depressed, than when you are happy.

In fact, you can even work backwards and use disease as an indicator of your emotional state! For example, if you get a "cold", ask yourself, what is it that has been upsetting me this last few days? The sooner you can find the cause of your emotional upset, and then process it so you can change your emotional state to harmony, the sooner your cold will disappear. You don't "catch" a germ from someone in the bus. You either make your body available or not available to all the germs that are already everywhere, based on your current emotional state.

I would not say that music can be an "efficient eliminator" of these things. But I would say that music can be a powerful "influence" on your average emotional state. And then your average emotional state will determine your current level of receptivity to germs. And all you have to do is frequently play whatever music makes you feel good! And only you know what music makes you feel good.

-Amazing Sounds: With the musical style or styles that you utilize in your artistic work, we must talk more than ever about the always topic concept of "inspiration". Where does it come from? Thanks to the properties that you give your music, do you feel some sort of responsibility before the final result, that in actual fact must come to be commercialized and "work"?

-Iasos: I have already talked about the "inspiration" of "where my music comes from". In terms of responsibility for the final result, I feel "responsibility" only with respect to manifesting this music as "accurately" as possible, making it as close a match as possible to the music in my mind. Externally, to the public, I feel no "responsibility", but I do feel an "intent" for the effects of my music. I feel no responsibility to the public, simply because I believe it is each person's responsibility to choose what music they wish to experience in their own life, in their own heart. Musicians are merchants selling emotions. Each of us merchants puts our musical emotions out in the market place. And then each person chooses which music (emotions) they wish to bring into their personal life. For every type of emotion imaginable, you will find musicians specializing in precisely that emotion. And so, musical preferences, are the result of emotional preference.

However, in terms of the Intention behind my music, the effects I wish and intend this music to have on listeners, let me share my Statement of Purpose, which is on my web-site:

Statement of Purpose

To create and make available music that can touch a Soul into an enhanced resonance-connection with the Grander part of who they really Are.
Music that can function as a vibrational-gateway into celestial dimensions of Light & Love & Awareness.
Music that can facilitate body energetics fine-tuning themselves into a higher more refined resonant Coherency.
Music that can help bridge the connection and merging with one's
Light Body.
Music that can directly nourish the Soul through a continuous stream of concentrated Beauty Patterns.

I do not "adjust" my music creations to accommodate the current "fads" in the musical market-place. Instead, I manifest the music I believe will be "fun" to listen to and also "beneficial" to the listener, irrespective of how unorthodox this music is. If you try to be "commercial", trying to create what you "think" people want to hear, based on what is currently popular, then
1. You are guessing at what others might like, rather than knowing what you like.
2. No new music style can arise from this, since it tends to imitate already-existing musical formulas that have proven successful.

When Frank Zappa first tried to sell his music to record companies, they kicked him out, saying it was "uncommercial". "This would never sell." He had a new formula, and they were focusing only on already-proven musical formulas.

When I was first taking my music to record companies (1974), they would say "Where's the beat?" "What's the message?" "Where are the lyrics?" They just couldn't see past already-existing musical styles.

And so, I have gotten to my current point, by absolutely and totally ignoring external commercial considerations, and totally trusting my intuitive inner guidance.

-Amazing Sounds: There are musicians who are included in the New Age music but who do not share or do not show an interest in the New Age "culture". What is your opinion in this respect? Otherwise, there are some people who do not wish to be included within this label despite the fact that their music may clearly follow some of their multiple manifestations.

-Iasos: The meaning of "New Age music" has gone through quite a series of transformations. Initially, when my friend Steven Halpern and I began what is now called "New Age" music, by each releasing our first album in 1975, that term meant music that can be used as a spiritual tool. It meant music that can help one achieve inner peace or a heightened rapport with one's higher self.

Then the meaning changed to music that is primarily electronic and tends to use a lot of reverb. A blurred distinction then developed between "space music" and "New Age" music.

Then, with Enya, "New Age" music began to also mean vocal music, with electronic accompaniment.

And then, to this was added, ethnic music, especially when musical traditions from several different parts of the world were blended together.

And now, "New Age" music means: "miscellaneous". If the music does not fit jazz, or classical, or rock, or country, or gospel, they just call it "New Age".

Because the terms has come to mean "miscellaneous", I can understand why some musicians would prefer to not be associated with that label. It's simply a personal preference for each musician. Labels are not important. It's the music that counts. The only usefulness of musical labels, is to help you find a particular type of music, when shopping in a huge music store (physical or internet-virtual).

Artwork by Tomás Gilsanz © 1996

-Amazing Sounds: Your collaboration in different movies and videos suggests that not only sound, but also image, can be used with good results, as for instance, in the medical field. Up to which extent is that so, or must image be accompanied by the appropriate sound so as to be effective? Would images without sound work?

-Iasos: You used the word "must", and again I don't believe there is any "must" for music or images. Just like there is no "should" for music or images. There is simply what music or images "can" do. There is no innate obligation or command that authorizes a "must" or "should" for musicians or visual artists.

So images can be used very powerfully with sound. For my personal interests, for example, music is capable (not "must" or "should", just "capable") of inducing Divine feelings in the listener. Images are capable of inducing Divine thought-forms in the viewer. When music and visuals are working together, as a team with a common goal, there is the immensely powerful synergetic potential of music-working-with-images to induce an experience of Divine feelings with Divine thought-forms. This is what my videos and multi-media concerts are all about. This is also what the videos of my friend Ken Jenkins are all about. Using them together, it becomes possible to induce the experience of states of heightened consciousness or heightened rapport with one's higher self - "heavenly" states of mind. These are the types of effects I am personally interested in.

Just to give you an idea of the power of images, there were experiments done in universities where they would hook up volunteers electronically to medical equipment that could measure numerous body processes simultaneously. And then they would show them various pictures and electronically note the physiological responses to these images. Imagine! They would see a picture of a depressed person, and in less than a second, their vitality level went way down! They would then see a picture of a vibrantly healthy animal, and instantly, their vitality would shoot up! It makes you think twice about filling your mind with all the violence on television.

In my multi-media concerts, as well as in my videos, there is a certain principle of color therapy I work with, which is not along the lines of conventional color therapy. In conventional color therapy, you use specific colors for specific purposes. For example, pink for love, blue to calm a person emotionally, yellow to stimulate intellect. However, I use a principle I call the smorgasbord effect: If you provide a viewer with a constantly changing blend of all the pure colors, then their aura will instinctively and automatically absorb all the color frequencies it is lacking and needs. In a smorgasbord, you don't have to eat everything. You simply eat whatever you are drawn to. Likewise, your energy fields are drawn to and absorb only those color frequencies that you are lacking and needing. So by the end of the multi-media concert, or by the end of the video, your energy fields have become much more of a balanced rainbow of all the pure colors.

-Amazing Sounds: To fully assimilate all the properties of your music, must one be specially inclined to do so (for example by being near to a certain religious ideal, philosophy of life, etc.)?

-Iasos: To "fully assimilate all the properties of my music", religion and philosophy and life style are totally irrelevant! Only 2 things are relevant:

1.Your Intention. (What is your intention in listening to this music? Listening for fun? For relaxation? For healing? For upliftment? For shifting your consciousness to other dimensions?)
In other words, what do you expect or hope or want to get from listening to this music?

2. Your Receptivity to fully listening. Most people listen to music with only about 25% of their attention. Especially if there are visuals. When there are visuals with music, most of the attention goes to the visuals and only a small % goes to the music. Some people (especially other musicians) have developed the art of listening to music with 100% of their attention. This art of fully listening also means being able to temporarily set aside your intellect and your mental ideas, thoughts, opinions, and expectations about the music, and to simply let your heart and your body feel the music - totally. The more you make yourself receptive to fully listening to any music, the more you will absorb whatever is the Intention of the person who created that music.

You see, when you focus 100% of your attention on any music, you begin to synchronize and "resonate" with that music. And in this super-conductive state of synchronization, the intention of the creator of the music flows from the creator, through the music, to you! If it was created with benevolent intentions, then it will have beneficial effects on you.

And in my specific case, to "fully assimilate this music", the ideal conditions are:
1.Listen from a CD, not a cassette.
2.Listen with good headphones, not speakers.
3.Listen with eyes closed.
This tends to induce a 3-dimensional "picture" or hologram in the mind of the listener. I call it "3-D Stereo". We used to laughingly refer to this as "headphone airlines".

-Amazing Sounds: What are you currently working on? Can you tell us about your musical projects for the near future?

-Iasos: I just finished a project which will be coming out soon. The audio is all finished. Unfortunately, I can't say very much about it until it is released, because it is a whole new genre! But I'm very excited about it! .....Sorry, it's "top-secret" until publicly released - perhaps around April 1997.

And at the moment, I am currently working on my next celestial album - it's now about 45% complete. It will continue where my Elixir album left off. Elixir and this current album both share a common intention: This music can be used as a "vibrational gateway" to celestial dimensions (higher dimensions filled with harmony, sweetness, and tremendous Love and Understanding). You can actually use this music, like the tuner on a radio, to "tune into" these higher realms. The music can holographically "resonate" your consciousness into these realms. And then, of course, once you become really familiar with these realms, then you no longer need the music to help you make the connection. The music served as a temporary tool to help introduce you and connect you to these finer worlds - worlds which are filled with SO MUCH LOVE, that if you could just totally FEEL this LOVE even for 1/10th of a second, you would be forever transformed!

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